LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 1 By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

Life phenomenon: Episode 1 By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

Timmy! What’s going on with you?

It’s been two years since you got married and that witch you call a wife is yet to conceive, talk less of bringing forth the family a child!

My mum yelled at me with her tiny loud voice.

There we go again! I muttered, mummy but why can’t you be considerate for once?

I thought we have concluded this matter severally, you are also a woman and I’m sure to have gone through this stage as well, I bet you weren’t treated this way? Also, I asked her in my anger.

Truly, I’ve been married for good two years and I’m yet to have my own kids, my wife is a very beautiful lady and hardworking lady, she doesn’t play with her job which I believe it was because of the stress she had used in getting it.

I met my wife, Felicia, three years ago when I went to make enquiry and lodge complain concerning my bank account in the bank that very day.

Fortunately for me, she was in the position to attend to me that particular day, I got distracted with her best instantly, to be sincere, and Felicia is a beauty to behold, with her light skin and tall straight legs! She was just looking so perfectly perfect for me.

Her beauty didn’t make me concentrate because I was busy staring at her as she was explaining in details to me.

I noticed she was feeling uncomfortable, then spoke, “excuse me, sir? Are you getting along with me? Sure everything is alright?

She enquired.

“ehm, yes ma’am I’m okay just admiring the beauty God had gifted you.

Seeing where I’m heading to, she immediately signaled me with a frown.

I smiled to myself getting her reaction.

“Please do you work here on full time?”

I asked her when she finished explaining to me,

“Yes, any problem? She asked avoiding my eye contact with her.

“not at all, thanks for the service I really enjoyed it, I responded.

“Welcome, next please? She gestured with her hand and I left her presence immediately.


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