LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 10 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 10 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

I inserted two of my finger into her Honey pot as she gasped and followed the way I was inserting it gently. After doing that for about five minutes she stood up from the bed and came down to where I was, still thinking of what she was up to. She touched my furious konji begging to leave the cage already and inserted it into her mouth.

Her mouth was very warm as she tickled my balls n played with my konji with her soft and warm tongue.

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It was like another heaven entirely as I moaned and pushed her head harder to go deeper as I was already enjoying the moment. It was as if she was born to give head, it was just too perfect! She did that for very long and I kept squeezing her breast so hard, it was as soft as a soft bread. She was moaning so bad that her moan could make a man with no controlled release very quickly.

After some minutes we changed position and started with doggy. She kept riding me and I could feel her flesh to flesh as she was enjoying the moment.

We stopped the style as I knelt before her to give her ‘head’.

She felt reluctant about it since I guess she was new to it but I convinced her and assured her she will love it. After much persuasion, she succumbed to the idea and opened her pussy wide in front of me. Her Pussy was so fascinating as the pinky part of it caught my eye.

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I bite it teasingly as she jerked forward, then I brought my tongue forward to look for the signal in it.  It seems she was enjoying it as she moaned softly. After doing justice into the hole, I felt a milky and saucy substance into my mouth!

It seemed she came!


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