LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 11 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 11 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

We decided to relax and unknowingly fell asleep! I woke up and stood to check the time, it was past 11 pm. I was so surprised because we had started at about 8 pm and I still haven’t cum. Though I thought of waking her up to continue our fun but I decided to go to the bathroom to take my shower, as I was about going into the bathroom I heard her call my name.

So, I had to invite her to come with me using those tactics to achieve my goals. She refused perhaps getting where I was driving at. I left her and went on my own but urged her to come over when she’s ready.

Not quite long when I left the room to the shower, she came in.

‘Didn’t know you were still going to come’ I said.

She smiled and replied’ I don’t take my bath with any other guy, aside from my boyfriend.

I laughed within me and prayed silently for the forgiveness of our sins as we just cheated on our partners.

Suddenly, I stared at her with the towel on and moved near her, as I did so my konji has gotten the signal and I removed the towel and teased her to take a shower with me. She didn’t refuse this time as we began bathing together under the shower, it was a great moment so far.

A thought came to my mind as we were doing this, and I asked her if we could make love just like that.

She affirmed to it and we fucked so hard and roughly that I had to rush my cum!

We both felt relieved and stressed that we had to sleep unclad till the next day. I began avoiding her by all means, I even had to change my phone contact and all that made her feel reluctant to interact with me since she already understood I don’t want to have anything doing with her anymore.

I noticed Amarachi had changed to me, she was always calling and texting me even when I don’t but had really stopped doing that. Also, I began suspecting she has been told what happened so I decided to call her to know what the problem was, but, unfortunately, she didn’t pick up nor called me back that was when I smelt a rat.

I told Pascal about it then I reminded me of telling me the rumour had gone far, he endeavoured me to make changes as soon as possible so I won’t miss on both sides, I thought of it and left her a message but she still didn’t reply! Then I got more scared and curious about what could have happened.

After two weeks of not hearing anything from her, I got a call from an unknown number which disrupted the siesta that fateful afternoon, annoyed with that I harshly picked and spoke.

‘Who’s on the line?’ I asked with a frown on my face.

‘Marachi…’The voice responded, on hearing the voice from the other side I jumped up from my bed and acted up like I was angry and all even when deep in my mind wasn’t real.

As I was about bringing on my drama. I heard her ask me a shocking question which killed my morale instantly. ‘So you have been sleeping with my friend all this while hun?’I heard her say faintly from the other line.

LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 6 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

I was almost lost that I had to ask again… ‘Hello, you mean me? I said.

‘Yes! You! She became more audible than before.

My arms fell as I began sweating profusely on my seat.

I tried begging her and denying it but it all fell to her deaf ears, she believed I was lying and told me her mum already told her everything that had been happening all along. I knew I was already in trouble and there was nothing I could say that will make her listen because her mum herself had never liked me with her daughter and that was an opportunity for her.

LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 7 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

After the argument on phone, I felt reluctant to call nor message her because of my conscience, I left her and we kept distance.

I avoided Lilian and made it clear to her that I was no more interested, she yelled at me the day I made it known and threatened to report to Amarachi, I laughed at her stupidity and told her Amarachi knew already, she was dumbfounded and felt scared as at the time I told her, ever since then she never disturbed me.

I guess since then, that matter caused a great array between the two friends and I went back to school trying to forget everything that had happened but whenever I remember Amarachi I felt very remorseful and guilty.

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My friend Pascal still stood by me despite my deaf ears to his advice then, he made me know what we’re happening after I left home and how Amarachi and Lilian almost injured themselves in a fight concerning the matter, this made me feel worse.

Amarachi mum would have insulted her and mocked her for getting involved with me. Since she had earlier warned her against Yoruba guys being a ‘Great womanizer’ which I tried to convince her then that it wasn’t true but now I’ve betrayed her trust and even done something worse by having an affair with her own best friend.

I could not concentrate in class when I resumed and became very cold to people which made them notice my reaction.

A friend of mine came over to me one fateful evening to have a talk with me, her name is Kafayat, a devoted Muslim that had always talked to me and taught me things I didn’t know in my course, she was the scholar of my time.

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‘What’s up with you?’ she asked.

‘Scholar, how are you doing?

I replied. She’s well known as a scholar, so it was literally her nickname then in school.

‘I should be asking you the problem Timmy! You have been very moody since you resumed school, did your girlfriend dupe you or what? She enquired.

Kafayat is a very smart girl and has the gift in reading people’s mind. So, I guess she had read my mind as at that time too, I just stared at her and didn’t know when a drop of tear popped out from my eyes. On seeing me cry, she didn’t know whether to laugh or feel sad with me. She just stared at me for long before she was able to utter a word.

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‘What exactly is the matter Timmy? this is unlike you.

‘I hurt someone and I feel bad about it’ I replied her.

I narrated all that happened and she urged me to find a means to beg her(Amarachi) and seek for forgiveness because I’ve created a big problem for myself which I accepted to do. She even suggested she assists me in begging her but I frowned at the suggestion because I didn’t want Amarachi to offend her with her words due to her anger, she understood with me and left me that very day.

As she left I decided to pick up my phone to call her but she didn’t pick up. I called severally but she ignored the calls I felt dejected but still determined to continue trying until she picks up. I stood up and tried to be cheerful and left at my hostel.



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