LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 13 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 13 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

I spoke to my mum in a way she will understand and begged her to understand and things will be fine. She was very angry and left my house that day in annoyance. She even vowed not to step into the house until my wife gets pregnant.

I felt so bad about this, just three years in marriage I’m already having issues, it was like hell. I decided to keep being prayerful and never try to hurt my Felicia.

My mum did as she said, she stopped caring about my family and never came to visit us. My wife became insecure and spoke to me one particular night.

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“Baby, I don’t like the fact that I’m causing havoc between you and your mother! why does she think I’m the problem? I’m sure I’m not barren, it’s not just yet time I know” she said amidst tears. I could feel what she was going through, my mum had shown her she is a typical Yoruba troublemaker.

Even though my wife doesn’t even stay home most days because of the nature of her job, my mother had done a lot of irritating things to her which she had endured for the sake of her marriage. I tried to make her happy by saying what could soothe her nerves.

‘My love, don’t let this worry you at all, you will be fine you aren’t God who make babies I’m sure we will have set of twins trust me” I said to her to make her feel better.

We spoke at length that night before we had our night prayers and slept off.

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In my dream that particular night I saw myself having sex with Lilian. Then as we finished having sex I saw her laugh in a scary manner and chased me with a knife, this dream was so scary that I woke up screaming and sweating profusely.

This woke my wife up as she was scared and enquired what had occurred but I told her not to worry that I’d be fine. She was worried and told me to let it out because she won’t sleep if I didn’t tell her.

I hesitated awhile then decided to tell her, she got more scared and we decided to pray about it. I couldn’t sleep because I knew the dream meant something important in my life.



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