LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 14 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 14 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

My wife told me to seek for prophetic assistance which I frowned at because of my faith. We dragged the issue which I bluntly refused.

“Timmy this really unfair, heaven helps those who help themselves! This dream is not ordinary. You know what transpired between both of you before you left her! Who knows if she’s still angry with you concerning that matter? Baby Please for my sake, for our unborn children, listen to me. Yes, we have prayed on our own. We still need more counseling concerning this matter” She pleaded with me.

“You know I’m a man of my words Felicia, I can’t just do this, it’s against my faith! and you know it” I said furiously.

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‘But this not fetish, it’s in line with our religion, let’s just talk to a man of God about it. What is wrong with that? God might have a solution to our problem, please love.’ She kept begging me.

I thought about it then accepted to do as she said, at least it’s not a fetish as she said.

She felt relieved as I accepted her suggestion. We picked a day on when to see our pastor and we narrated the experience to him.

‘God bless you both, God really loves your family because he already exposed the secret of the devil to your husband. The devil has manipulated him long time ago through sexual intercourse which will be very difficult for an ordinary man who is not in the spirit to escape from ‘The pastor explained to me and my wife how Lilian is one of the mermaids sent to the world to destroy many men lives through sexual intercourse, their mission is to destroy the future family in which is part of the cause of my wife’s inability to have a child.

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This got me sad, I hated myself and thought of my past, I regretted my actions and got angry at myself for implicating my poor wife through my mistakes.

‘Mr. Timmy, don’t regret because God has come to your aid. He’s a merciful God and loves you for witnessing this kind of part in your life, many of your likes there are dead due to this kind of situation but here you are with a wife which I’m sure the Lord Almighty will crown with children.

Please take heart and just repent and beg for forgiveness of sin from God, nobody is infallible. We all make mistakes’. A pastor told me I only needed to fast and pray for days and come for deliverance after the fasting and prayer. My wife assisted me in doing it and we finished it successfully.

Pastor assured us that God will take control and we believed.

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I decided to ask for forgiveness from my wife for my deeds and wrongs which I had used in affecting her. For the reproaches and afflictions, I had caused her. ‘Felicia, I know you are God sent to me. You stood with me through thick and thin, you are extraordinary to me’ I said amidst tears.

‘Timmy! we are humans and we make mistakes, I’m happy God already showed us a way out to this problem and we are surely going to have testimonies in Jesus name’ She replied.

I was surprised, I felt so glad I had her in my life.



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