LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 15 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 15 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

Three months later, my wife was getting prepared to go to work then she slumped. I was surprised because nothing happened to her earlier then I rushed her to the hospital. Surprisingly, Doctor broke the news to me that my Wife was four weeks pregnant, It was like a dream to me as I only sat there gazing at the Doctor like I heard a miracle happened!

I shouted so hard that tears dropped from my eyes. I couldn’t remember when last I cried that hard in my life it was a memorable day. My Wife was over happy hearing this. My mother who vowed not to step into my house came with people to rejoice with us, everybody used us as a prayer point because God showed his ways in our lives.

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My wife resigned from her work and it seems like the baby brought us fortunes. My business grew beyond normal and things became very smooth for my family. I opened a big boutique for my wife and told her to be an accountant of her own company (Boutique), the business boomed and we were so blessed.

After some months she put to bed and had a beautiful baby girl which we named Eriayo Oluwatimilehin and was christened Faith.

After two years my wife gave birth to another set of twins (A male and a female) which we named Emmanuella and Emmanuel (God is with us). We lived a fulfilled life with Christ as our ROCK.

The End.


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