LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 2 By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

life phenomenon Episodes

LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 2 By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

I couldn’t concentrate nor have peace of mind since I set my eyes on pretty Felicia, she was just like an angel in my eyes, I couldn’t sleep but was daydreaming about how to meet her and iron things out with her.

I was busy thinking about how to approach her and reach her until I got the plan of going back to the bank to make a transfer in other to achieve my plans.

LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 1 By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

I left home 12.30 at noon to set for the adventure, then on my way going i met my close friend, Pascal laughing so hard coming through my direction, immediately I saw him I put on a frown because I knew he would run the day and destroy all the plans I had within me with his nonsense chit chats.

‘G how far nah? where you dey commot go for this hot sun nah? I get a package for you na, make we sharparly go house, he said.

Immediately, I gave him a discern frown thinking he would understand the mood and let me be, but it seemed that waxed his motive and replied.

“wetyn that face be for now? where you dey go dey very important?

” guy, if e no dey important I no go commot for house for this hot sun na. I responded.

All my mind was where I was going to, I couldn’t imagine missing my meeting with Felicia, the more I remembered that the more I tried to beat the chit chat Pascal was advancing.

Suddenly I saw a bike moving towards our direction, I thought of it has a golden opportunity! Then I yelled and called the bike man,

“oga carry me go iyanaba gt I said almost shouting, then immediately the bike halted, I was so happy as I leapt on the bike.

“Pascal, we go talk for the bike man hadn’t let me finish when he took off..i felt for my friend! Felicia was all that matter then!

As the bike moved a little distance, it began misfunctioning and my heart skipped, its now past one as Pascal had wasted much of my time with his rubbish questions.

“what’s wrong with your bike?

You no get fuel??”

I asked feeling so irritated.”oga I don’t know what’s wrong with this steel o, that’s how it has been behaving of recent, but I’d fix it soon, he replied me.

“omg! so you mean you know the state of this bike and still had the gut to take it around to pick up passengers?? I asked feeling angry.

” no vex oga” he said.

I was very angry and hissed then thought of taking another bike, time wasn’t by my side anymore and I don’t want to miss seeing Felicia at all.

After walking a few miles away, I saw another bike going to my destination and I hurriedly took it to my destination.


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