LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 3 By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

Life phenomenon: Episode 3 By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

Few minutes after, I got to the bank and hurriedly went into the bank, heading straight to the position I met Felicia the other day, but unfortunately for me, someone else was sitting comfortably attending to customers.

I thought deeply of what to do, I couldn’t allow my efforts and time be in vain, I was determined to get where she was even if it was in the moon, then suddenly an idea crossed my mind to try asking the person on the seat about her whereabout and if he knows her.

“Hello” I muttered.

“Yes, how may I help you, young man? He answered me almost immediately.

Then I explained to him what I was there for and who I intended seeing, he asked who Felicia was to me and what I wanted from her, I Lied I was a customer and was told to come back as at that time, after hearing my explanations, he confessed to me that he has no idea of where she is but directed me to who knows her better and likely knows where to locate her.

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On hearing this, my joy knew no bounds!

The gentleman directed me to a woman sitting tightly in a corner and told me to ask her that he’s certain she would know her whereabouts.

I got to the woman and asked her as I was been instructed, but she made things very uneasy for me as she was asking me difficult questions to give answers to, I felt so uncomfortable and almost gave up, when I saw Felicia coming from the entrance of the bank going in the direction of the young man I spoke to a few minutes ago.

I immediately felt so cold not knowing if I was to be happy or scared, scared because I never knew what her reaction would be if the man told her I had come earlier to check on her and what would be her reaction if she sees me waiting for her as well.

I checked my wrist watch and saw it was going close to 3.00pm, I prayed for the ground to swallow me because I was not myself anymore.

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The woman that had been interrogating me all the while noticed my mood and asked what the problem was, but I ignored her.

“Well miss Felicia is here” she said and left my sight immediately.

The moment I heard her mention that name, my heart skipped a moment and I started sweating profusely, that was the first time in my life I’d feel that way because of a lady, it has never happened in years, I’m a very bold guy and approaches ladies anytime, anywhere! So what could have been the problem? I wondered.

The second day seemed to be a Saturday, and I had a wedding ceremony to attend that day but I woke up late then decided to stay back, but I was getting calls from friends to get along and this really frustrated me since I don’t have the mind to attend the wedding anymore but I had no choice but to dress up and set for the party.

I thought of pleading with Pascal to accompany me to the party if he’s less busy, then I picked my phone to call him on phone.

‘OG how una dey?’I spoke, “I dey kampe, this one wey you call, hope no yawa?’He responded.

Then I explained to him my intention and plans but he only laughed and told me he was invited to that same party too and he was already on His way and hastened me to meet him at the party, I was more frustrated.

I set out for the party and made a meal to quench my hunger for a while then got set for the wedding ceremony.

In the next 30minutes I got to the occasion, it was really a big event with the large all used and even the calibre of people I was seeing was just too extravagant with their kind of dressings and perfume, cars were filled up in the space left outside, I was feeling inferior and regretted not been able to prepare well for the party, I decided to shake off the thought.

I called Pascal to inform him I was already at the venue, he described where he was in the Hall for me to locate him but I disagreed, telling him to come himself to pick me outside, he felt reluctant at first but succumbed to my request, after waiting for about 5minutes surveying the venue I saw him coming, putting on a black attire combined with a yellow shoe, he’s actually a light-skinned person so the attire looked perfect on him.

‘Niqqa so you know say you go come to this party you no yarn me? ‘I asked him, pretending to be angry.

‘You don craze, when I come to your side yesterday wey you tell me to say you no get my time, no be wetyn I wan yarn you be that? ”

‘But I comot go somewhere and came to your place later at night, why you no yarn me then?” I tackled him.

‘Shay me wey dey with my babe? Na their I go get your time, abeg make we go hall jare, event don start since, why you no show come early? “He asked

“Na me wan cook abi? “I laughed and then explained to him of my intention of not coming anymore, but had to come because of the pressure of calls from friends.

The bride was our neighbourhood friend, and she’s Amarachi, we were both close when she was still staying in our area, she was friends with Pascal and me, but we had this chemistry before she left and got engaged (the story for another day).

Pascal and I left for the hall, to be sincere the couple really tried the hall was chilled indicating the presence of an air conditioner, Pascal took me to where he was seated and I sat beside him, we spoke about my adventure with Amarachi back then and how I missed her, he teased me of the promise I had to her, to get married to her.

We noticed eyes were beginning to fall on us so we abandoned her matter and I asked my friend about the new lady I saw with him the last night, as I’ve thought he has no good intention over the lady he said he was just playing along.

I teased him and warned him to be watchful because ‘not all snakes are eatable’, he laughed at me and told me to mind my business, I neglected him and tried surveying the guests just as I’ve surveyed the venue, as I was doing that, I saw a familiar face sitting opposite to our table as I was trying to recall the face the face gazed at me back and our eyes were in contact, I tried taking off my face but it looked difficult!

Behold! I recognised the face, it was my pretty Felicia!!



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