LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 4 By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

life phenomenon Episodes

Life phenomenon: Episode 4 By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

I felt so cold on seeing her in the event, I never thought I could see her or even meet her in such occasion. Pascal noticed my reaction and asked me what the matter was. I told him I’d explain to him later as I decided to move forward to speak with her, only if she would give me attention.

I felt reluctant at first because of the way I was dressed but Pascal encouraged me saying I wasn’t looking bad and I should give it a try. Then, I reluctantly went to her seat to make up a conversation with her, ‘Afternoon mam, can you recognise my face? ‘I asked almost trembling,’ Yeah I do, you are a customer in GTB right?’ she said.

‘Waw! I love your memory’ I replied teasing her, she got my trick and I felt she was playing along with me too.

I asked her how she was related to the celebrants and she said she attended the same university with the bride (Amarachi), my hand fell on hearing this, simply because of my pasts with her, but I thought of keeping it cool and playing along too, she asked me how I was related too and I told her

She felt so nice as we spoke to a length before a friend of hers called her to take pictures outside, I became so angry because I had a plan, All my thought was to introduce myself to her and seek for her friend but her friend ruined the plan, I knew she would come back so I had hope and left for my table to meet Pascal who was on a phone call when I got back.

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Not quite long, he dropped the call and faced me to ask how far I have gone with her, I explained the ordeals to him and he gave me tactics on how to get her, I knew he was saying the perfect thing because he is so good at that, in fact I can say that’s he’s speciality, as I was listening to him, I was as well monitoring Felicia If she would come back but I didn’t see her nor her traces, this disturbed me that I didn’t know when I leapt outside to look for her.

‘Where una dey go now? ‘Pascal asked, ‘I wan go urinate abeg, I dey come’ I lied to him, He just smiled and focused on the event, it seemed he knew I was lying and had gone to fetch for Felicia but I didn’t care about what he thought, I really need to see her badly.

As I stepped an inch outside, I saw her coming forth with her group of friends all cheerful and looking extremely beautiful, I didn’t know if I was to turn back or go ahead.

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‘What if I leave the hall now and she disappears again? ‘how will I be able to locate her again?’ I said to myself, and if I heed back to the hall, Pascal would get my scopes immediately he sees Felicia and he would molest me, which might annoy me, I thought about this too, but as I was thinking about this, I got a tap from the back! Guess who it was??


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