LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 5 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

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LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 5 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

I turned my back and saw Amarachi in her flowing white gown, she was very delighted to see me as she hugged me so tightly not minding it was her wedding day.

I was so confused about what to do because it seems like the feelings I had for her rekindled the moment she hugged me,’Marachi’! Moreover, I managed to say trying to get myself of her so that people won’t imagine something else.

‘I’m so happy you came, I never knew you would make it’ she said smiling.

We spoke for a while and exchanged number with her in case we don’t get to see after the event.

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I went back to see Pascal and enlightened him about what transpired between me and Amarachi ‘that girl still love you o!that love never leave her body since this years’He said.

I scolded him and acted like I didn’t hear him, as we were chatting, Felicia walked towards the table and enquired to see me. I was really shocked!

What could the matter be? I thought.

My heart skipped on seeing Felicia in that manner, she came over to me and asked of how close I’m with her friend Amarachi and I told her we are close friends, she smiled And said she loved the fact that we are friends,

We spoke about life generally and she seemed to enjoy my company and I was so happy we are getting along, when we were done speaking I went to see my friend Pascal and I explained elaborately what had happened, he just smiled and told me to play my games well.

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I became very close to Felicia and I got in contact with Amarachi, Amarachi and I dated six years ago but had to break up due to some reasons.

Truly, from the beginning, all my mind was to play her to get what I want from her but she seemed to be a very nice and loving lady whom I grew to love wholeheartedly.

Amarachi is an Igbo as her name had stated, from IMO state precisely, but this didn’t hinder our relationship, in fact, we had planned to get married, that was why Pascal had teased me about it on her wedding day which wasn’t funny at all because our departure wasn’t a pleasing one.

I was twenty while she was barely nineteen when we started our ‘Chemistry, her mum been a suspect then watched me closely and almost frustrated me then from getting near her but as a desperate lover, I kept my stand and we both made the relationship a smooth one and left her mum in the dark.

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I was a fresher in the university of Ilorin studying mathematics then while she studied in a private university at Benin republic, so whenever she comes her holiday was usually longer than usual. So whenever she comes, I try my possible best to make plans to be able to be with her during the holidays, her mother is a single mother and she’s the only daughter that’s why she’s always keeping eye on her, but later got fed up with the act and let her be since she gained admission.

Our relationship was bright that people in the neighborhood concluded we would make a perfect couple. My friend Pascal was still changing girlfriends but I was scared to cheat because of Amarachi and the fear of the gossipers to broadcast the news to her. So, I kept low and flirt in school since I don’t trust her enough not to have a spare boyfriend too in school.

Left to me distance relationship doesn’t work for me, but she did all her possible best to keep it moving and waxed it more.

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There was a day she came visiting, I was home alone as usual when she came in with her friend Lilian, Lilian is a very Beautiful girl from Edo state, Tall and very light skinned in complexion, her gap teeth is very attractive which makes me fall for her.

She also as this seductive look that I don’t understand that whenever she looks at me in such manner, my manhood vibrates, with that I knew she must be a mermaid. My eyes were always on Lilian, though I really loved Amarachi I was lustfully admiring her friend Amarachi that she almost caught me one day when she came with her friend to my house.


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