LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 9 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

LIFE PHENOMENON: Episode 9 | By Halima Oluwapelumi Yusuf

My konji was already begging to move out from the cage it was with the sight of the fleshy parts it’s seeing.

She moved forward to me and started with me by kissing me so passionately, to be sincere Lilian is a very good kisser I’ve never met such a bad kisser all my life. It seems she learned it on a purpose.

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She was getting all as she was touching and caressing the right places. I didn’t know how she knew I get turned on by sucking my nipples, all of a sudden she brought her soft and succulent lips near my nipples and started doing justices to them.

I started moaning as I didn’t want to be selfish and enjoy alone. Also, I started working on her honey pot, it seemed like she was expecting such touch there as she lost control. We both enjoyed ourselves as I fingered her so hard and she moaned louder and became very wet.

Seems she liked the idea of fingering her then I thought of bursting her brain my squeezing her juicy boobs with a fury which made her scream louder. I tried covering her mouth so that she won’t make much noise since it’s not too late and people would suspect something was going on.

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I stopped her and she muttered something I could barely hear. She didn’t want me to leave her as she licked her lips enjoying the moment, I smiled and tactically took her to my room so as not to cause alarm in the area at such hour of the night.

I excused myself to put on the generator so as to reduce the noise that would come out from the room because I already had plans with her.

I switched on the generator and went into the room to continue my work with her but I already find her fingering herself so badly and moaning.

‘Chai… This girl no fit hold body at all!’

I said to myself and moved to her to assist her in the work.



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