Lord Death: We Fear Thee | By OӀմաɑցҍҽʍí Dɑѵíժ Տҽցմղ

Here comes another topic to be discussed. My dear readers, this part will leave you to think about life and the way we behave. Because time counts on every man’s life. Then, we got not to waste time to accomplish goals in life! We got to realize the purpose of our existence. I wish you a Happy reading!. Enjoy.

The predominant impingement in life isn’t death, but a life without a delineated purpose. A man with no purpose has no pivotal mission. Death might take hold of a man, but never his good deeds while on earth. His good deeds speak and prove his corporality even when he is gone. It makes the word “death” more cheeky anytime people hear a munificent man dies.

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The predominant impingement in life is a man who has no destination. Who accedes everything life throws back at him without envisaging on his. It is said that any man who doesn’t know where he is headed in life, everywhere he steps would seem like a copacetic place, which would make him the man of no insight.

The predominant impingement in life is a man who refuses to learn from his quondam mistakes and shortcomings. If he has chosen to learn, he could have walked towards it, to make it a stepping stone. By this, it makes him (a man) with no thought.

The predominant impingement in life is a man who has no vision to effectuate a mission to produce a television (material assets) so as not to remain inferior. It should be noted that the greatest obstacle, that ever happens to a man, is a man with no kobo. By this, it makes him (a man) with no dining.

The predominant impingement in life is a man people cannot confine in because he was never seen as someone trusted and can never be. He is a man of failed and unfulfilled promises. A man whose people cannot talk greatly about. By this, it makes him a man of no good conscience.

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The predominant impingement In life is a man with no impact or influence on anyone or people. If no one could attach their success and greatness to yours, then you’ve not succeeded in life which would make you look like a snake that passes a rock with no impact. I believe in this quote which says “I would rather invest on people’s lives than keeping my savings because those lives I have impacted would later be my Greater savings that would pay-off” – (Olu~davies)

In cessation, the greatest thing that can ever happen to a man in life is a man with many fulfilled and accomplished visions; goals, dreams, and aspirations. So if death comes, she (death) would know she took someone who means so important while on earth. Hence, live to make a great impact so your generation can benefit from it!

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