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Love Episode: You and Your Ex.

You are not enemies and should not treat each other as one. You are just two people who want happiness in different ways and went your separate ways to find the happiness you yearn for.

I know break ups hurt. Yes, I hate break ups but you won’t be healed by the hate that you carry in your heart. You go everywhere spreading hateful words concerning your ex. How he/she is this and that, but then, none of that will heal your hurting self.

You have nude pictures of your ex and you leak them on the Internet just to “revenge”. You set your ex up just to feel good about yourself. All these will not heal you, they will only make you a beast. I am not sure if exes can remain good friends but I know they do not need to be enemies, either.

You should rather shut your ex out of your life than be tempted to allow hatred grow in you. By the former, little by little, the painful memories will leave. Know that when someone breaks up with you, they do you a favour you may never acknowledge. It is possible they remain in that relationship with you and make it a hell for you.

Now, which do you prefer, a relationship where you experience hell or a break up where you know your stand and start your race again? I know the latter is the bitter truth pill we don’t want to swallow. I know it would be difficult to agree that the relationship is over just like that. If I were you, I would choose the later.

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Why? The later sets you on track earlier than the former. With the former? You’re likely to come out an irredeemably broken human. So, that’s part of the favour your ex did you when he/she broke up… He/she didn’t make you experience hell any further.

If you’re reading this and you’re still hurt by a break-up. It is my wish that you heal soon enough and move on with your life. There’s someone out there who appreciates you better and you both can walk to agree, smile, be yourself, and be good.

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Adesewa Hearted

Adesewa Hearted is Lover of Christ, Accountant, Relationship Coach, Public Speaker, Baker and Fashion Designer.

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