Love Is Like A Camera By Aderanti Adebukola Adesewa

Love like camera
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Indeed, love is like a camera. However, it depends on whether it is an Analog (old) or a Digital (new) kind of camera.

It is true that both are designed for the same specific purpose. But, the difference is in its quality, Price tag, expiring date, flexibility, and others too numerous to mention.

Therefore, be it an Analog or a Digital kind of love, it is important that the purpose it serves is achieved.

See an illustration.


Most relationships die because the partners instead of focusing on the positive side of an image, they invest their all in the negative side. Thereby resulting in an effect that becomes unbearable, and the rest becomes a history.


These days, our camera’s seem to capture unpleasant pictures even after posing in a way to attract a very beautiful image. But the question is, should one continuously delete every picture after the time invested to capture them?, NO…

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It is important to note that life does not bring to us what we desire. Therefore, whatever your camera captures, strive to develop it into a positive outlook.


You cannot judge a book by its cover. It is wise to always bring that picture you want to capture very close by simply zooming it. It helps to have a clearer view of the image you intend to capture.


Even after taking a very beautiful image, it is important you also edit it. It makes the image even more beautiful, attractive, and captivating. Also, by editing it, you have the opportunity to correct, add, or erase anything that does not seem appealing to you.

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Finally, if the image you capture goes through all these processes and still do not give you the look you desire. It is wise to take another shot.

Get wisdom today…

I pray God gives you the best camera to capture the best image. AMEN.

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