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5 Leading Causes of LOW Converting FB Ads And How You Can Fix Them | By Chris Franks

1- Wrong audience (the people that see your FB ads)

Why is it important that you make sure that the RIGHT people are seeing your FB ads?

First; you pay for every click, for every engagement that you get. Also, you don’t want to waste money on people who are not going to be interested in your products.

Apart from the “wrong audience” here are 4 other leading causes of LOW converting FB ads.

2- What you show to your audience versus what they see.

I don’t understand why you can’t get a direct image that will communicate what solutions your product provides. And when you try to do that, you choose blur images.


Many times, Nig ecom advertisers choose a vague image. I keep asking myself – where do these folks learn this style from?

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3- The message that follows your advert (ad copy)

Too much hype and exaggeration are killing many ad copies today.

Look, you have to speak in a way, the people you’re selling to will understand or you stand losing them over to people like us who come down to their level.

Your ad copy MUST talk in our language and at the same time fail not to tell what is in it for the buyer – be very specific and clear on it before you start Persuasion BS.

If you are direct, specific and clear enough – you don’t need much of Persuasion.

Your ad copy must carry something entirely different from what everyone says which in itself is why your product will get the job done, this time, for the buyer.

4- The headline

Your headline isn’t complete if there’s an absence of what’s in it for me plus a guarantee that the product will work.

I don’t understand why you think you have a headline that looks like something from media house yet you’re selling physical products.

Without a proper headline, you are basically wasting your ads funds.

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5- Price factor

If you’re not ready to tell your price upfront, you should pack up and leave this space.

With all the bad bad things associated with hiding price, I can’t believe that some people – not some, most advertisers are still doing it.

Hiding your price is one way, to tell your buyers upfront, that, you’re not ready for business.

And no wonder, you’ll end up with time wasters on your FB ads.

Start fixing these things.

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