4 Reasons For Low Social Media Engagement By Tunny Ogunnowo

4 Reasons For Low Social Media Engagement By Tunny Ogunnowo

Whether you’re running a business or personal social media page(s), I’m sure you care about getting engagement.

Here are the reasons your engagement rate might be lower than you want:

1- Your posts aren’t educative, inspiring or entertaining

Educative, inspiring and entertaining posts get much attention to Social Media. Think of yourself as an example, would you engage with a page you gain nothing from?

2- Poor content strategy

This includes low-resolution images or videos, text with much typos or grammatical errors etc. To curb this, it’s best to let a second party go through your posts before posting them.

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3- You don’t pay attention to your pages’ insights

The insights stats of your page will make you understand the kind of audience you have. It makes you understand things like: the location of your audience, their gender, what day(s) of the week are they most online and also the time they are mostly online – helping you to know when and how to post

4- You are  not consistent

Nobody stays loyal to an inconsistent person or brand.

In my next post, I’ll be writing on why you’re not making money/sales from your Social Media Ads/Strategy.

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