make-up mistakes

Make-Up Mistakes You Can Make and Should Avoid Every Day

When it comes to makeup and beauty, the mistakes you make can affect your appearance. Remember, first impressions mean everything. Therefore, it is very important that you look beautiful, even fabulous before leaving your home.

There are several mistakes we end up making even without having an idea that we are doing everything wrong. How to have a brush that meets all your makeup needs. Too much bronze, the wrong base, and the wrong makeup mix could be a fatal make-up mistakes.

Everyone is guilty of many of these in order to avoid embarrassment to go like a clown. So, there are 15 make-up mistakes you may have to make and how to correct them.

make-up mistakes

1- Apply makeup on dry skin.

This is one of the most common mistakes. The use of makeup on dry skin can affect your face, causing dryness and peeling. You can avoid dryness and peeling by exfoliating your skin once a week, or look for alternative ways, such as moisturizing and cleansing, to get rid of dead skin cells.

When your face is already wet, you can go ahead and apply makeup. The results are amazing. Never use makeup on a dry face without first moistening.

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2- Wrong foundation

This is the worst mistake. We tend to forget that the foundations come in a wide variety of shades. We have all been where we chose the wrong base that does not fit our face. To make sure you don’t look like a clown, be sure to choose the right base. Go to a store where they sell beauty products and look for two different shades that are close to your skin tone; Then place the base on the side of the jaw edge to see which base fits your skin.

3- Exaggerate the tan

Going extreme with bronzer is also one of the worst mistakes that can be made. Bronzer only adds heat to your skin. Too much bronzer makes you look muddy or burnt so you won’t look like someone who just came out of a mud bath. Only use Bronzer in places where the sun hits you; Places like forehead and nose. Don’t forget to apply it also on the neck.

4- Dirty makeup brushes

We are all guilty of this task. Most women make this mistake using makeup, using mushrooms and dirty brushes. Dirty brushes and mushrooms lead to breakage. Application makeup with the same brush produces an uneven makeup application. To ensure that your brushes and fungi are free of dirt and bacteria, wash them with a mild shampoo and warm water at least once a week.

5- Apply too much makeup.

This phrase is cliché but very important: “less is more”. Why it is This is because too much makeup can make you look very old. The only time you need to apply too much makeup is if you have severe acne, then avoid putting too much foundation. Instead, use a single layer of concealer and base to cover smaller spots. Much make-up means costly make-up mistakes.

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Black Make Up Palette and Brush Set

6- Buy makeup without testing.

You are busy coming home so you go through the store, put on makeup and leave. It’s not a good idea. Do you remember how to test your clothes before you buy? The same goes for makeup. You need to test your makeup because it’s important. When the makeup comes into contact with the air, it changes color and texture due to oxidation.

7- Make-up test in the wrong areas.

You probably do that now and that is also wrong. Usually, we test the base and lipstick on the back of our hands, but it does not give accurate results. To know if a base is a right shade for you, put it on your jawline. For lipstick, you can apply it to lips or fingers.

8- Do not use a primer.

An important stage that we ignore. This is the most important phase in the application of makeup because a primer ensures that the makeup glides easily and helps make the makeup remain for longer without fading.

9- Adhere to a product.

We all have a makeup product that we love so much and we can not live without using it. This habit is very dangerous because you probably miss trying new and different products.

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10- Use of dust in the wrong places.

Sometimes we spray our entire face and that is not necessary. The correct way to use the powder is to apply it on the face in parts that tend to be greasy. Use a large powder in the powder and apply the excess; Then rub gently on your face.

11- Use of the same product throughout the year.

We often forget that as the seasons change, the skin also changes. So, what worked for you last season can not work this season. The foundation that worked well for you in the summer can often be too dry for your skin in the winter. It is advisable to change your makeup product after the season.

Woman Applying Makeup on Her Face

12- Use of the wrong shade of redness.

This error is very widespread. When using redness, choose the tone that matches your natural redness. If you have a bold lipstick, make sure the redness has a lighter shade.

13- Do not use eyelashes according to the shape of your eye

Avoid making this type of make-up mistakes. Remember, the location of the eyeliner is as important as the color. You have to take care of the shape of your eyes. When you have dense eyes, the thickest part of the eyeliner should be at the outer corner of the eye, as this makes the eye look bigger.

14- Crowded eyebrows.

For perfect eyebrows, avoid overfilling. Because when you fill in excess or use a tone that is too dark to fill your eyebrows, they will look very heavy and intense. The perfect eyebrows give your face the incredible look.

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15- Use of the light corrector.

There is a myth that when looking for a concealer, choose a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. This is wrong and it is a big mistake. You must use a concealer to adapt to your skin color.


If you remember all of the above make-up mistakes, you will probably look perfect avoiding all previous mistakes. The previous article will be very useful for this purpose.


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