DAY 13: Change The Old Mentality; Making Money Online Mentality

“Making money is easier when you have the right tools and resources at your disposal.”

“Not everybody that earns online is a Yahoo Boy, there is legit business online for the hardworking. Yahoo Yahoo is for the lazy youths.” – Saminu Abass Ola

Yesterday, I promised to share sites where you can monetize your skills online. Though there are skills or talents that don’t require online selling but needs to be boosted or promoted online.

In this technology era, almost everything requires online visibility. If you are not visible on the web your market portion could be low. Almost every business packages themselves on the web these days.

As promised, there are unlimited sites you can make online but as a Nigeria there are restrictions. Restrictions in the sense that the flag of this country has been tarnished on the world scale.

If you are conversant with the yesterday’s trend, it is Yahoo guys here and there. Some people have justified their illegal acts while some Nigerians condemned the acts because it is a barrier for many youths who are into legal stuff online.

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In Nigeria, Policemen or SARS officials can harass you in as much as they see you with a laptop or an expensive phone. The brutality and harassment from the police officers or SARS have been reported often. Despite the fact they are working to arrest those cybercrime officials they also dine with the so-called Yahoo Boys.

I have read funny reactions so far today as regards the Yahoo boys, they are now been chasing out of Lagos because of the new Laws. I heard someone say, they have turned Osogbo and one other city to their abode.

Someone even said in Edo State, Benin city to be precise, Yahoo Yahoo is official for the guys and prostitution is legal for the ladies. The justifications I have read so far are unemployment, corrupt officials, government insincerity and all sorts of excuses.

Dear readers, as they say, excuses are for the weak. You blame unemployment and you could afford to buy a laptop, subscribe and getting other materials to defraud people and you are still blaming the government. Why not use those tools to earn money legally?

This recent happening could be described as the summary of all the topics I have treated so far in this series. Youths want quick riches, they don’t want sweat or stress themselves but want to enjoy this life to the fullest like Otedola, Mike Adenuga, Dangote or Bill Gates.

Back to the main topic, things you can sell online and even offline are your talents or skills. Yesterday I mentioned Graphics Designing, however, it is not limited to such soft works you can as well make money from playing the guitar.

The only problem you can face is the representation of the Nigeria flag on some websites. Though all the earnings I have made on these popular sites was as a Nigeria. Also, many Nigerians with the eagerness of making money online, they rush to accept the offer and deliver poor services which also affect the reputation of the Nigeria flag.

Some people even accept jobs they know they can’t handle, they want to outsource at a cheaper or no price from other Nigerians who will offer a poor service as well. There are many things you need to consider while delving into a business.

Moreover, in a physical business if a supplier delivers a poor service I am sure you won’t patronize such person again. There are hardworking Nigerians who are passionate and serious about what they do and they are making money in a huge amount of dollars. I know people who have bought cars and built houses from money they made online legally and from their sweat/stress.

Let me state a typical example you can comprehend. The misconception about blogging is that when you are called a blogger it means you are making money. I told someone during a financial freedom class that if Linda Ikeji were to be in the recent blogging world nobody would have heard her name. She has made it when the blogging sphere was easier and sane.

Today, we have an insane atmosphere in the blogging world. Everybody wants to be a blogger. They only think about the money unknowing they have to put in efforts, spend, have sleepless nights and many sacrifices. When they blog for 2-3 months and no money they become frustrated. Finally, they will garbage out they way they garbage in.

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To make money online you must be ready to sell your skills or talents. You need to brand yourself (making money online mentality). Someone even said he is too dull to learn graphics designing, video editing, logo creation etc. I told him there are skills for every brain. No matter the level or capacity of your brain there are still skills you can learn.

I won’t be able to list the websites today, by God’s grace tomorrow it will be treated.

Let me drop the pen by letting you know that no salary earners have ever made it to the top richest Forbes List. The reason is simple, the employer ties down your talents or skills and bribes you with the salaries given to you to forget your dream.

You have a fulfilled life if you can maximize your potentials.

To Be Continued…

Saminu Abass Ola

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