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PDP v APC MANIFESTOS: PDP is Right-Leaning & APC is Left-leaning By Dr Charles

PDP v APC MANIFESTOES: PDP is Right-Leaning & APC is Left-leaning By Dr Charles Omole‏ @DrCOmole

I have read BOTH parties docs. It is clear PDP is Right-Leaning & APC is Left-leaning. I have problems with both Manifestoes. They lack serious ambition for us and both read like docs for a short 4yr term rather than a foundation for strategic future renewal

PDP wants to sell off more government silvers without an assessment of how “effective” previous sell-offs have been. Promoting more disposal of assets when Power sector sell-off has not worked is Dogmatic. PDP low-taxation carrot in a nation where the majority do not pay seem misdirected.

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Evidence around the world shows that if u sell off Government assets when most people are still trying to find enough to survive daily, will simply transfer State assets to hands of the few Elites & not the many. This will simply perpetuate the dominance of the economy by the same 1%.

APC is promising things without an effective link to what they have “achieved” in the past 3.5 years. They need to create a more joined up vision. This is what we have done, and then this is how we will take it even further. APC should read like that of a party in Government already.

I do not see that. Ruling parties should leverage what they have done and explain the quantum of what they will do to extend current successes. APC is also light on Education, although they will do more welfare handouts to the poor.

I will do more compare & contrast in weeks ahead. But from my initial read; BOTH manifestoes fall short of my expectations. Full of generic blurbs, they are lacking in actionable details in few areas. & they do not signpost us on the path to a digital economy & Education revival.

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I will advise BOTH parties to see which of the new candidates they can borrow ideas from. Dr Oby, Moghalu, Duke, etc have great ideas in their Manifestoes. APC & PDP manifestoes are both uninspiring. It should be Education, Education and Education focused.

It may also help their messaging if they have a version that simply states their TOP 3 policy deliverable in each area of the economy. That will be shorter and easier to understand for many. They should make their promises SMART targets using action verbs rather a list of wishes

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