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Is Your Marriage At Peace or You Are Enduring For The Children?

These days, a lot of women are very much eager to walk out of their marriage, most of them are still in their marriage now because of the children. Some have already given up on the marriage waiting for the right time to spark.

Some are just tolerating the man hoping for a change, some are still in the marriage because of families, in-laws, friends, colleagues and church members influence and encouragement, while some are already filling for divorce.

Problems most times why marriage fails sometimes comes from the men. When a man is married to a beautiful lady, he tends to control and rule over her life. However, he then forgets that it does not take a whole lot to keep a woman. Especially, when you are blessed with a beautiful wife.

Every woman wants to be loved by her man, Even if she doesn’t love you that much but hence you have proven to her that you love her so much and You can do anything to always make her happy, I bet you she will never leave you.

Men don’t know that the secret to a woman’s heart is nothing but love and care because the true life and nature of a woman are hidden in her love life. So many men most times thinks that loving your wife so much and taking good special care of her is being foolish. There is a difference between loving your wife and being a fool.

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A man becomes a fool when he is not doing what he should always do as a husband by loving his wife always, taking good care of her and the family and as well making her happy always.

You seat down in front of the TV with your phone and watch your wife work until she’s about to pass out and just before she sleeps, you still want sex. Seriously, are you kidding me? Don’t you see you are wicked?

As a man, who told you that it is wrong to wash dishes? Who told you it is wrong to bath the kids and dress them for school when they are up to? Who told you that it is wrong to dress a bed? However, who told you it is wrong to prepare breakfast or dinner?

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Also, there’s this twisted view of marriage that has led to an increase in domestic violence where they’ll see a man cooking and they be like “Guy, you need to get married so you can stop cooking”. Let me tell you, don’t marry a woman to clean or cook for you but marry to assist, love, cherish and enjoy each other.

If you are getting married because you feel you need someone to cook and do all housework for you, then get a housemaid.

Adesewa Hearted

Adesewa Hearted is Lover of Christ, Accountant, Relationship Coach, Public Speaker, Baker and Fashion Designer.

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