I will Marry You Minus Sex By Abdulrouf Wasiu (Ibn Rouf)

I will Marry You Minus Sex By Abdulrouf Wasiu (Ibn Rouf)

I will Marry You Minus Sex By Abdulrouf Wasiu (Ibn Rouf)

This word has caused many ladies pains, tears and sorrow. Some cry every day because of disappointments and betrayal.

Men have noticed if they promise a woman; I WILL MARRY YOU, she will definitely throw herself to the man, she automatically becomes serious in the relationship, even giving the man sex anyhow just to prove her love and seriousness, forgetting the word of ALLAH “NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE”.

Many men are not serious and ready to marry you when these promises were made to you. So my young ladies, be careful and don’t be carried away just because a man promises to marry you.

Some men are playing you, they say this because they believe ladies are moved by words. They want a taste of your HONEY POT. I bet you, if you allow them, they will eat and lick all, then they will leave you and look for another. So my dear, please be careful.

This is a moment to act, even if a man promises you marriage, close your leg to avoid crying because of disappointment, being use and dump.

Obedience to Allah words helps to reduce pains of a breakup. I know what’s going through your mind now! If I don’t give my man sex, he will leave me but think of what will happen if you finally give him all the sex and
get dump.


Allah knows all this will be happening to women and that’s why he said “No sex before marriage” Allah knows better than you. Try to keep his words and you’ll surely be happy, your right man will surely come and marry you. Allah doesn’t forsake his people.

So please don’t be moved by mere words, most men have sugar coated mouth, please beware and save yourself from life-destroying men.

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I am sorry for what so ever this post might have cost you but that is just the bitter truth.

If you’ve already made such mistake it’s not too late to make an adjustment, Sex before marriage cause insecurity to our marital home.

May Allah bless and forgive us our sins knowingly or unknowingly and make Jannatul Firdausi our final home.


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