DAY 19: Change The Old Mentality; Fiverr and Online Business Might Help

DAY 17: Change The Old Mentality; Fiverr and Online Business Might Help

“We are all destined to succeed in life only if we can take a step to realize the dream.”Saminu Abass Ola

Gradually, the 30 days series is coming to an end. Ask yourself, what old mentality have you changed so far? Have you realized you need to change some habits or stances after one or two of my articles? If no, there is something wrong somewhere.

Nobody is perfect. We all need to improve, we need to shift away from the unproductive position. Only a dead being needn’t improve in life.

As promised, the last site I will highlight before moving to the last aspect of this series is common. Many Nigerians are aware and making money from it. It is nothing new though these days it is becoming hard with the new policies.

Unlike Upwork or Freelancer, this site seems like a bit of general skills selling point. Think of anything horrible or amusing, you can offer it on this site and make money.

On this site, if you are a painter then you should offer the services of painting. Also, if you are a teacher then you can offer classes. If you are a singer then you can sing a song for your buyers.

There is nothing special or new about the site, you all know the site, it is called FIVERR. Dear readers, don’t forget my keyword statement on any online business, there are rules to all games.

DAY 4: Change The Old Mentality; Healthy Lifestyle vs Wealthy Lifestyle

Fiverr was created to connect buyers and sellers all around the world. Fiverr is a name derived from Five which also means Five Dollars, the name signifies that the least amount you make is $5. According to Fiverr rules, on every $5 a 20% will be deducted by Fiverr. That’s, they deduct $1 from every $5 you make.

Examples of Skills you can sell on Fiverr.

Creative writing
Resume and cover letter
Legal writing
Web content writing.
Write songs
Write stories and poems
Writing product reviews
Write scripts
Sing any song
Compose music
Sing birthday wishes
Rap on a given beat
Compose beats
Add sound effects to a song
Develop a complete website
Install WordPress
Customize WordPress/blogger themes
Design Logo
Add logos on cup, T-Shirt, Cap, etc
Design Album Cover
Praying For Buyers
Creating Slogans
Creating Business Name

The list if continues will be endless. First thing, learn about the site. I am sure before you ask 10 people in your community you will find someone to tutor you.

However, don’t be shocked if you are asked to pay for tutorials. There are some skills you will need to learn to earn on Fiverr. Some Nigerians who have made it compiled tutorials videos and PDF but they sell it. You might be lucky to see someone who will help you. Don’t just forget, there are rules to all games.

To withdraw money you make from Fiverr, you can use either PayPal or Payoneer. Even if I take the whole day to explain this site we won’t cover the meaningful part of it. This write up gives you an insight, it is left to you to do the research.

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I have people whose lives can be described as a Laptop Lifestyle, their lives are connected to laptop 24/7. They are not Yahoo Boys they do legit business online.

Finally, don’t jump into this quick rich site that tells you to share links to refer people. You could be wasting your precious time. I feel disgusting when I see such link.

If you are a follower of this series you should have been impacted positively. Old mentality is no more at your disposal. Learn to be an asset to the society, not a social misfit.

To be continued…