DAY 4: Change The Old Mentality; Healthy Lifestyle vs Wealthy Lifestyle

What are the differences between a wealthy lifestyle and healthy lifestyle?

Today’s piece is coming late as a result of my tight schedules coupled with the power outage.

Yesterday, how to live a satisfactory and healthy lifestyle was discussed. I did an unusual thing yesterday by sharing some of the write-up on my status on Whatsapp as requested by a friend.

To my surprise, I received reactions here and there. The one that got my attention was the question above.

How can you differentiate a wealthy lifestyle from a healthy lifestyle?

I had a long chat with the person who asked the question. Though I had planned to discuss this in one of the series but the question raised by the reader will make me start the analysis.

For me, I will say there are no differences between living a wealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle. Are you surprised?

DAY 3: Change The Old Mentality; How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Of course, there aren’t. The problem is the misconception of the terms. Though the definition might be subjective but generally there are no differences.

Taking Nigeria as a case study or let me say Africa, we believe being wealthy is to have millionaire or billionaire. A Nigeria youth will believe is wealthy when he has built a big mansion, bought expensive cars, go to clubs every day, bought gold, live an extravagant life and spraying money at any event he goes etc.

Be wealthy means to be contented with whatever you have. You are wealthy when you can live a healthy lifestyle as described yesterday. Don’t try to impress others with the little you have. You are living a wealthy lifestyle when you can eat healthy food, drink clean water, have good hygiene, have enough sleep and can have time for exercise.

Mentioning financial freedom doesn’t mean you need to be a Dangote, Otedola, Adenuga, Bill Gates etc before you can live a wealthy lifestyle.

As said yesterday, using your timeline to live within your budget is the key to a healthy lifestyle. When you don’t overspend or go beyond your financial capacity then you can have a satisfactory lifestyle.

No doubt, we all want riches, we all want to become a Bill Gates, a Dangote or other richest in the world, the fact is, we can’t all become that. Therefore, don’t live above your monthly budget. Save from it and invest the money to grow your cash flow.

Bear it in mind that, a healthy lifestyle is also a wealthy lifestyle. Contentment is the riches you can enjoy forever.

The mentality of Nigeria Youth seems to be different. They want quick riches, they want to buy exorbitant cars and fly over seas every day if possible. Yes, you can do that. I have ways you can make quick riches and enjoy the definition of your wealthy lifestyle.

Don’t be eager, I will open your eyes to what you have not known for years.

To be continued.


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