Day 8: Change The Old Mentality; Reliance On The Government is a Deceit

“Reliance on The Nigeria Government To Survive is a Deceit.”

How days fly, one phase of the series has already been justified. A journey of thousand miles starts with a step. You should also dare to start your plan or idea. Never wait for the perfect time. Those who fail at a start, rise and become successful.

Customers they say are always right. However, I would say readers or followers might not be always right because they could be biased with their thoughts or being emotional.

An unknown person sent me a message on Whatsapp accusing me of molesting my fellow human being. I was also astonished seeing such word ‘molestation’.

She said one of my write-ups had been targeted to molest ladies. I engaged her with maturity and closed the chapter. I was thinking she could be an extreme feminist too. Case closed.

Back to the business of the day, laziness is not what any reasonable human being will see as a way of life. Sometimes I feel the youths shouldn’t be blamed for their laziness but I believe it is a 50:50 shares.

It is crystal clear that as a citizen of any country, your government should provide basic amenities. The government should also cater to your needs.

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However, the reverse is the case in our dear country called Nigeria. No doubt, we have a decaying structure in this country. The system is not only old but also ineffective. As a Nigerian, you deserve a quality educational system from the primaries to the tertiary levels.

The government is saddled with the responsibility of providing free education to you and as well ensuring employment opportunities for you after graduating. Are you getting that in this country?

Students from neighbouring countries receive pay while studying let alone foreign countries where you get scholarships. In Nigeria, you only get a decaying structure and underfunded educational system.

Nigeria students are only reading to pass nothing like acquiring knowledge. The lecturers are no more impacting knowledge.

It is not a mistake we are born in Nigeria. The only mistake is to believe in the old mentality. Gone are the years when a graduate of 2:2 class get an automatic job. Today, even a first class graduate roam the street. I cry for this nation when I see a graduate who went through cold and hot stress before getting his grade on Twitter begging for a job.

You feel depressed when a first class graduate could only survive as a bike man in this country. A brilliant performance in school is a waste in this country.

The problem is that many youths are still living in the past. We are living in the old glory of this country. The old mentality also needs a change. Your mentality should be refreshed.

The number of graduates being produced by institutions is increasing every year and no employment opportunities. Why the waste of time in school if there are no ways to survive with my education?

It is high time you realized relying on Nigeria government is a deceit. You should also know you need to survive without relying on this government.

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I am not saying there are no employment out there. The fact is, favouritism has outweighed meritoriousness. If you are a son of nobody it could be hard to be somebody in this country except the grace of the God. Bribe and long leg as used by Nigerians can get you all in my country. Mediocrity aids with favouritism are placed above merit.

When will the son of nobody become somebody in this country? The answer is not farfetched, you need to stop the total reliance on the government to be successful in life.

To be continued…


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