Mentally or Physically Fatigued? How To Manage Stress As A Student

Mentally or Physically Fatigued? How To Manage Stress As A Student | By Ezinne Nnamdi-Louis

As an undergraduate few years ago, I noticed that I was experiencing recurrent headaches at a time. I thought I was about coming down with malaria or some sort of illness.

After I studied my body, I realized that that kind of headache on my forehead always came whenever I was stressed.

I also observed that during this time, I won’t be able to assimilate whatever I was studying until I’ve rested.

On other days, I had serious mental and physical fatigue that won’t go away with just a night’s rest, unless I travelled and stayed away from school for a while.

So long as you are really invested in your studies, you will experience headaches, mental fatigue, daytime sleepiness, overwhelm, burn out, etc.

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These and more are symptoms of stress. We experience them in one way or the other.

If you are not aware of these symptoms of stress or manage them poorly, it can affect your productivity, make you miss classes, or even trigger other serious illnesses.

Here are helpful tips to manage stress as a student;

1- Don’t overwork and forget your meals.

2- As much as you can, eat healthy meals.

3- Avoid smoking and alcohol as a way of coping with school stress. They only offer temporary relief but cause anxiety and more health damage in the long run.

4- Know when you are most productive and maximize it. You don’t try to read at midnight because Ade reads at midnight whereas you aren’t a midnight person.

5- Once you are tired, get some rest to avoid burn out. If you experience burnout already, you will realize that it will be difficult to study as you used to even after resting.

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6- Don’t joke with your sleep. It’s not an endorsement to oversleep though.

7- Manage your time well. I always recommend, start your day early and plan well. School is stressful already, don’t allow activities take you by surprise.

8- Study long before exams to avoid exam-induced anxiety.

9-Make out time at least weekly to catch up on your hobbies and other extra-curricular activities; dancing, singing, volunteering, church organizations, etc.

10- Once you notice any physical symptoms, see a doctor and get help as quickly as possible.

Cheers to a well-managed schools stress life!

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