Big Mistakes You Should Avoid As A Business Owner

6 Big Mistakes You Should Avoid As A Business Owner | By Faith Paulson

If you do business on this space, there is a very high possibility that you have made these mistakes or you still make them.

Being aware of them could help you avoid it which would translate in better results.

1- Setting your account to private:

This is especially for people using Instagram. There are just a lot you wouldn’t do using a private account. Interaction is hyper-limited and you wouldn’t want that.

The first thing first is to change your account from private to public if it must serve a business purpose.

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2- Wrong use of the hashtag:

For two days now, I have treated on the importance of hashtags and how to use it. You can check it up on my timeline if you missed it. When hashtags are wrongly used, the outcome could be more hurting than soothing.

It would also be self-damning if you don’t use them at all.

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3- Low-quality pictures:

The truth is that most times, we decide on a meal by mere looking at it. It is applicable to products, people are easily attracted to pictures that are appealing. You would be doing yourself a disservice if you use low-resolution pictures.

Amidst my men’s accessory business, I had a point I had to employ the service of a photographer to capture my products.

It is quite affordable and it can save you more and earn you more lead. And it leaves your products catchy to buyers.

4- Not posting consistently:

This space is crowded, just a week of not posting anything can send you into oblivion. I had struggled with this one and am glad am getting over it. I understand that sometimes, it is as a result of lack of what content to put up ( will soon share the tool I use to generate content).

If you must stay seen, then you must keep putting out content, maybe a content calendar would help. ( this one has been saving me lately).

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5- Not engaging with customers:

This is what every business owner wants, that his post gets engagement. The likes, comments, and shares. Seeing these on your post and not engaging them could be a bad sign

I had seen a sponsored post where the advertiser had lots of ” how much” with no reply to any of them.

I wrote something like… Sir, reply to your prospects enquiry. He later replied with an appreciation.

You can’t afford to snub their questions or act blind to their complaints

6- Posting irrelevant content

It is becoming normal on Instagram, people engaging in word war with their business accounts. They go on abusing with their business accounts, Who would want to patronize such seller?

In as much as you would love to show us behind the curtain pictures, know that it’s still a business account and not everything happening in your life should be up here.

Which of these mistakes have you made or currently making??

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