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5 Major Mistakes of an Honourable Member and How It Can Be Corrected

5 Major Mistakes of an Honourable Member and How It Can Be Corrected By Comr. Ganiyu Maroof.

This is another blockbuster piece from the stable of #YouthMandateNigeria# and our target is to make sure that every son and daughter in Iwoland have access to their representatives irrespective of how busy their schedules are.

I’m of the opinion of all animal are equal and the philosophy of except those that climb the hips is a plot to shortchanged our people. An ordinary man and woman voted for someone to represent them and at the end of the day turned against them just because of an opportunity who’s limited to a certain period

Who’s an Honourable Member?

A person elected to represent a community with a purpose of empowering their youth, empower women and facilitating developmental projects that’ll be beneficial to the entire community.



The first mistake of these honourable is their error to select who’ll work with them. The masses voted for them and failed to engage anyone from them as their PAs, SAs etc. However, they rather prefer to appoint their family members to work with them. They forget completely the graduates among the voters who laboured for them to emerge and at the end of the day given lame excuses for their deliberate actions and eventually led to the loss of hope among our youth.


Another mistake again was that most of the honourable after been elected decided not to live within the community again. Most of the time, they rarely come home to meet their people. The politicians around them need to visit them on a regular basis to share their problems with them but failed to have the opportunity when they’re nowhere to be found but show up when it’s time for re-election.


The next point is the reason why they’re been elected which mainly to facilitate community-based projects. That is, projects that’ll better the lives of the people. However, most of them end up not doing anything without any tangible reasons to back it up. They collected the constituency allowance and diverted it to either other means or for a personal means.

Despite their own jumbo pay who’s enough for them to take care of themselves and their families. They watch their community infrastructures going into morribbon and allow their people to suffer basic social amenities which can be done if the allowance is judiciously used.

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The fourth mistake of an honourable member is that they failed to report to their community and present their stewardship for the people to comment, observe and suggest better ways for an effective representation. Instead, they will send their foreign aids who’re not familiar with the people in the community.

How many of them usually organize a town hall meeting for everybody to come and present their views and suggest better ideas to move their constituency forward? They neglect the brains of our youth and only come back to tap it when they needed our votes and disappeared again after gotten what they wanted from us which is our votes.


I don’t think any representative in Nigeria can boast of not doing this mistake in their various constituency. This is because it has no meaning whatsoever. How many of them know or have the database of the community projects needed and how it can be facilitated and let alone knowing who and who are unemployed among the graduates. They failed to identify the problem of their constituency and find it difficult to solve it. It’s when a problem is identified that the solutions will be looked for. This has affected the performance of our honourable members for so long to the detriment of our people and the community at large.

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1. Let our honourable members start appointing their PAs, SAs and any other people that’ll work with them from the party members who’re unemployed graduates and stop bringing their families and relations to enjoy where they don’t work.

2. The honourable members should base in their community with at least 5 days within a week. It is important for the people of their constituency to have access to them. Opinions will be shared as well as making the people believe that they only have the opportunity to represent them. It is not to dictate on what to do but rather to share their ideas.

3. Let our honourables use the constituency allowance collected to develop their community projects and infrastructures. They should stop pretending as if nothing is being given to them. They should always facilitate the projects that will have direct impacts on the lives of their people. Also, they should help the less privilege to develop their hope.

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4. At least on a monthly basis, they should report to their community. They should organize a town hall meeting to listen to the plight of their people and advice them or provide necessary solutions to it. Also, the communication gap between the people of their community and themselves should be closed.

5. It’s never a bad idea for an honourable member to know the likely projects needed in their community. It is good to know the number of unemployed graduates in their constituency/ This will guide them in coming with the best plan to tackle them. They should prioritize the projects to know which should come first and which one to do first and stop been unavailable when their presence are needed to decide which project to present to the government


Comr. Ganiyu Maroof, ESV
Aspirant – Member, Osun State House of Assembly
Iwo Constituency

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