Mortality | It is Growing At its Peak. Who Really Can Stop It?

mortality rate

Mortality is growing at its peak. WHO REALLY CAN STOP IT TRULY?

“Oh no! We lost her……………………..

I’m sorry, we tried our best but the end we lost him……….

She just slept off yesterday night and look she’s gone…………………”

I really don’t need to finish the words in that expression before you get the logic behind the message. Day in & out, you see people giving such words of comment at different locations, Intervals, Situations & lots more but all amounting to the five letter word the English man addresses as DEATH.

You listen to Radio, watch television, read newspapers, on social media, blog, etc. They all in a way seem to have a connection with how such news as this is broken to the public hearing. Most cases, you don’t end up controlling yourself as a result of the shock before the next ones come through like a slap on the face. You then begin to wonder; what rate is Mortality growing to become in the lives of Human???

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First, I really didn’t feel more concerned about this issue until I became a victim of such. It really was hard to cope due to the grip it had on me deep inside my body. On a fateful night while being home with my parents and siblings, trying to relax after the day activities at our little abode. A knock came through on the door. I walked down the door and turned the keys.

At the door turned out to be my neighbors’ wife with tears rolling down her cheeks. I really was set aback, feeling perturbed since I couldn’t figure the exact reason for the tears at that instance. Best I did was to walk her down the sofa and sat beside her while my mother, out of motherhood, soften her mind with words of consolation, just to ease the tension in her at the moment.

Long before the question about “what happened?” was asked, she uttered those words of death in pain saying; “My elder sister is dead….she’s gone” My resting moments were short-lived at the hearing of those words.

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Truly not expected but became a big shock to deal with as the day passed by and weeks turned into months. Merely thinking I had seen it all for the year with such news of sorrow filled with sad ends, then the call came through. Alas, My Paternal Grandmother was gone. The news alone swept my feet off the ground and I couldn’t just fathom how to absorb such news deep down inside my body system. It was as if the world was coming to an end.

Sympathies coming back and forth through calls and texts even with visitors dangling round my home to share their condolences. It really was a hard decision to take when the date for her burial was suggested. Families started bulging out information’s about leftover rites for the burial of some deceased members and it became a decision for granny’s own to be on hold till the rest are completed.

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After a series of discussions, an aged man, precisely in his 70’s ended his condolence visit with these farewell words that seem deeply rooted in my heart till date with an unending resolution;

Mortality is growing at its peak. WHO REALLY CAN STOP IT TRULY??? 


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