A Pot That Will Eat a Palatable Soup, Its Bottom Must Be Heated With Fire

A Pot That Wants To Consume a Palatable Soup Must Have its Bottom Heated With Fire By Kolawale Ally Temitope 

Let’s bear it in mind that the Pot here is You and me while the Soup is the future we dream of.

This topic is the English interpretation of the Yoruba Adage which goes thus:
Ikoko ti yo je Ata Idi re akoko Jona/gbona” but I will like to use the Gbona here so as for us to understand the intensity of what will come across us to achieve the palatable soup. It is not just a soup but a Palatable one. Meaning not just a future but a future being planned on big a dream.

The Pot that will eat a palatable soup must have its bottom heated with fire first.

How do I mean?

Before diving into explanations I will love to take a digression as I wish to ask two or several rhetorical questions.

Do you have a dream? And If you do, is it your own live dream? Or Were you helped to dream??

Whether you have a dream or you are helped to dream it is only. Our bus stop and junctions that will be different. However, I believe we will be hoping to get to the same Destination.

Here, I mean whether you have your dream or you are helped to dream, we will be hoping to get to the same destination. The destination here is the palatable soup.

Although soup is soup and palatable is palatable but I believe the sweetness or let me say the palatability of the Soup meaning the future which Is a function of the Gbigbonality or Jonaism of the bottom at present will surely be of varying degrees base on the Bigity of your dream. GRAMMARIANS should permit me here. All those grammars might not be in their varying dictionaries.

I will love to buttress my point here with a short story which I believe will be a source of motivation to us in one way or several others. I will love to discuss abt one of those motivators that are u song nor appreciated.

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History is a legacy on it own. The Story of Adegboro and here we Go!!!!!

In those days, ADEGBORO left Ibadan for Lagos in search of greener pasture. He chose to be carrying loads (Alabaru) on his head at Oyingbo market to earn a living.

Few years after, he bought a cart from his savings. This eased the pain of carrying loads on his head for commercial purposes. The Cart also increased his income and he was able to acquire 6 more of its kind which he rented out to others.

Exactly 8 years in this cart pushing business, Adegboro bought a van which many called BOLEKAJA and learning how to drive. He handled the business by himself. 4 years into the Bolekaja business, Adegboro had been a proud owner of 6 Vans.

Being a bonafide Ibadan son, (omo bibi ilu Ibadan) ADEGBORO built a magnificent building at OJA OBA where the Olubadan Palace was situated when it was time to put a roof on his head.

Many people at this period approached Adegboro to show them the secret behind his success. He simply asked them if they could carry loads on their heads in the market to earn income (alabaru)? And their response had always been “NEVER”.

He too would spontaneously say “ENI TI O LE SE ALABARU L’OYINGBO, KO LE SE BI ADEGBORO L’OJA OBA” – this is a replica of the adage also in Yoruba land that says; “ÌSASÙN tabi IKOKO TI YIO J’ATA (OBE), IDI RE A KOKO GBONA“. ( A pot that wants to consume a palatable soup must have its bottom burnt or heated with fire first).

It is from this Story the topic of today’s program was extracted. A pot that wants to consume a palatable soup must have its bottom heated or burnt with fire first. In Life, to endure is to achieve. No shortcut is sustainable. Wealth is built over time in a small bit but in a persistent way!!!!!!

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We must learn from this true-life story. We must shun the get-rich-quick syndrome that’s affecting most youths today. Many have entered into traps of human traffickers, sold into sex slaves, drugs, prostitution, and what have you, in desperation for get-rich-quick green pastures. Today, many are still being auctioned for sale in LIBYA.

I believe from this Story we can see truly that for We (pots) to consume a palatable soup (to have an outstandingly bright future) we have to be able to deal with the Jijonality of our bottom.

The heat in this context are the decisions we have to make or all hurdles we have to go through to achieve the dream we planned to live.

Whether you are helped to dream or it is your dream. Your decisions and doggedness will be the factors that will determine your living such a big dream of yours.

Before I dropped my pen, I will like to say this if you are not scared of your dream then they ain’t big enough.

FINAL NOTE: You don’t actually need three things to motivate you but only a single thing. The outcome as in the state you will be after your dream is been achieved which you would have foreseen is your Chief, Principal and Overall Motivator.

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WRITER BIO                                                                                            KolawaleKolawale Ally Temitope  Ally Temitope 

Department of Demography and Statistics

Obafemi Awolowo University


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