Who is the Mudeer Markaz? Shaykh Habeeballah Adam Abdallah Al-Ilory

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He is the Director of The Citadel of Learning which has almost 100,000 students cut across mostly West African Countries, then Africa and the Globe. His Name is Shaykh Habeeballah Adam Abdallah Al Ilory fondly called (Baba Lagege, OON).

He was born over 60 years ago to the Family of Shaykh Adam Abdallah Abdul Baqi Habeeballah, the Founder of Markaz Agege which He’s now the Director & the Heir Apparent to the Late Dad.

He’s a Knowledge Seeker & Lover whose Father hindered him from going to the University, after discovering in Him the Divine Trait & Zeal for Knowledge & Wisdom who can carry on with His Mission & Goal in Life, with the Mindset of beseeching the Awesomeness of God’s Mighty Power on Him to be above Peers & Contemporaneous with Modern Scholars in the field of Knowledge & Spiritualism.

Who is the Mudeer Markaz? Shaykh Habeeballah Adam Abdallah Al-Ilory

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As a Spiritual Leader of The Highest Order, who was Accepted as a World Class Islamic Religious Scholar, with no certificate but his contributions were very vital & astounding in the comity of the Islamic World, His Father Resolved to maintain His Stand on not allowing Him to have University Education despite immense Pleas from Family, friends, lovers and well-wishers.

Shaykh Adam Abdallah Abdul Baqi Habeeballah

In the long run Allah answereth the father’s prayer on the chosen son (Mudeer Markaz). He was retained in the Father’s Institution while others were allowed by the Father to have University Education but non has ever met His Standard. His Embracement of Scientific Hypothetical Comprehension of The Religious Tenets takes its Preachings, Lectures & Sermons to a World Class Standard.

His tenacious stand towards the truth, reality, spirituality, uprightness, morality, harmony, love & peace towards all excluding none. People of the other religions gave him more enemies and at the same time endeared many to Him. His Father was hated for turning every dick and harry into scholars, encouraging every home to release their wards for literary education, changed the former arrangement of Islamic learning to a contemporary arrangement which is in tandem with what’s operational all over the world.

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Mudeer Markaz is facing the same challenge as his father’s and even more because His Father travelled wide and had sayings in Global Islamic Matters when many indigenous scholars in Nigeria then were with no University Education and were local champions.

He’s not a University graduate but contemporary religious and social issues are treated by him academically and religiously well stated by him, He is adored and accepted by the lovers and seekers of truth, knowledge & peaceful world, which does not augur well with the so-called certificate holders & singular field specialists scholars.

The ephemeral Seekers too in Religious Leaders form, are not happy with Him because He’s not running for funds from the Arabian Propagandists and the fanatical extremists’ Sects turned Terrorists, that are troubling the world with their devilish creed under the umbrella of Religion, twisting, turning and denting the much Revered Traditions of The Holy Prophet & The Religion.

Baba Lagege, OON

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What I respect most about him is his passion to go on standing firmly on the real truth. No amount of attack or denigrating from the detractors can stop him.

The same sect of people that prescribed times for 5 obligatory Prayers in Islam with devices and instruments which they choose to accept, and also believe the meteorologists whenever they give weather forecasts are now the ones calling for his head because he’s using instruments to forecast when the Crescent appears but prefer to go and sit on the hills or seashores searching for the moon during Ramadan, what a disgusting height of Hypocrisy.

Mudeer Markaz

He betrothed the father’s enemies and he added up, but he’s a real fighter, hell-bent on sustaining, retaining and maintaining the truth which bought for him the love of great academicians, spiritual leaders and others, learning and Enjoying the Dexterity, Intellectuality, Technocracy Intelligensia & Display of The Divine Touch of Grace, power and Favor of the most-high God on Him.

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Detractors see him as a threat to their Greatness in which all He cares about is the application of Knowledge and Understanding with Wisdom, embedded with Goodness & Godliness, which is different from their own stand of being a Religious Scholar or Leader.

May the Almighty Allah Bless Him more and Elongate His Lifespan Hale and Hearty for the Betterment of Humanity.





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