Motorcyclists Surprise Visit, Mumini Olabamiji Promises Good Governance

Engineer Raifu Mumini Olabamiji assures the association of okada riders in Osogbo a better Osun State. During a surprise visit of the Okada riders to his Campaign office in Osogbo on Saturday, the Iwo born politician, who is one of the major contestants in the forthcoming 2018 Governorship Election promises them better days ahead of the state.

Mumini Olabamiji his words, he lauded governor Aregbesola for the legacy and pledge to consolidate the foundation already laid down. He said, the good work shouldn’t be stopped, therefore, it needs a man with a vision to take Osun State to another progress level.

He furthered by saying Okada riders should never be classified a reliable job if there is a good atmosphere. However, he said he knows many of the okada riders have their different jobs but took okada riding as means of survival. The governorship aspirant promised a better atmosphere and welfare condition for all and sundry.

Engineer Raifu Mumini said: “I am glad to receive you here and this is a surprise visit. I am honoured with your visit and I pray you also be honoured. I believe you might have heard I am also a candidate for this 2018 governorship. Thanks for your support.”

He continued: “No doubt, Ogbeni Aregbesola must be praised for the achievements and the foundation he has laid down. Therefore, it requires continuity and I promise not to disappoint you. I will ensure a better atmosphere that will make every citizen of State of Osun to strive.”

Mumini olabamiji

“Okada riding should not be a must for all to survive. It should not as well be classified as a reliable job. I know almost all of you have different work but as a result of the sate of the economy in this country to survive you opt-in for okada riding.”

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The Okada riders, while speaking through their representative said, they are filled with hope that the iwo born aspirant for the 2018 Osun State election has the vision to take the state to a greater height. They promise their support and urge Mumini Olabamiji to ensure a better life for every citizen in the state.

Raifu Mumini Olabamiji in his final statement said; “My dear brothers, life has no duplicate please drive carefully on the road.”

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