MUNPlanet: Community of Intellectual & Social Development By Comfort O.


MUNPlanet: Community of Intellectual & Social Development By Comfort Ogunrinde

MUNPlanet is the largest global community of people attending Model United Nations conferences all around the world. It is a knowledge network where members create, curate and share their knowledge and experiences about issues of global importance. It is for people who are passionate about the world and share the values of the United Nations.

Also, it is a highly engaging community where you get involved in various activities that enhance your capacity for intellectual exchanges. Build your global network and find an answer to career growth and paths. MUNs programs, tap into the collective knowledge and also have the opportunity to connect with MUN delegates. Also, find out what it takes to build or organise a successful MUNConfereence.

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Being involved on this Community has given me the opportunity to Ask and Respond to questions, to stay up to date with all the activities going on in the planet, follow interesting topics of my choice and see other opportunities.

It has really been a great experience so far not only as a MUN enthusiast but the forward-looking individual with an eye for transnational issues and also with a core interest in the activities of inter-governmental organisations like the United Nations.

Also, the community boasts of record numbers of young leaders of diverse origins, orientation, skills and expertise. It remains one of the largest online network of MUNers and keen adherents to UN values, ideas and activities.

I enjoin you to visit if you must avail this Community for an opportunity to network. Engage and interact with upward-looking young people around the world. Enjoy your day and learn on the platform.

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