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A choice is the ability to choose among selective or the ability to choose among alternatives. A choice is the most powerful force on earth that affect human positively or negatively. Life will not give you what you expect, it will only give you what you choose and what you make out of your decision.

Also, life is inevitable without a choice and life is nothing and worthless without the right choice. Right choice makes a productive and fulfilled life, but there are some things we can not choose, It happens by nature. We are all aware that when we take a flight, the Takeoff is completely beyond us, we can do nothing about it, it’s in the hand of the pilot.

Moreover, when it comes to landing, it completely beyond our control, it is in the hand of the pilot. And what about the turbulence, the turbulence during the journey is also completely beyond us. The wind speed is beyond us when the plane passes through the clouds and the entire plane becomes wobbly. It is not in our control. What is in our control during the flight is our “CHOICE.

The ability to select what to do during the journey, some people choose to sleep, while some people get completely drunk on alcohol, some watches movies, some keep munching something, some make a new friend, some busy reading and Meditating, some crying, some busy dissecting, integrating, calculating and thinking on what to do when the plane land, while some are extremely happy being there first time on a plane. Yes, what to do during the journey is in our control.

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In the journey of life as well, the take off, which is our birth is completely beyond our control, we did not choose our parents, we did not choose which nation we were born in, we did not choose which city we are born in, we didn’t choose the color of our skin, we did not choose our look, we did not choose the religion we are born in, we did not choose the color of our hair. Our take off of the journey of our life is completely beyond us. And the landing which is death, even that will be completely beyond us.

No matter how much we wish the way we wanted to die, it is completely beyond us, and what about turbulence, the problems, the challenges during the journey of our life? Some of them are within our control which we can solve, but many problems and issues and turbulence caused are completely beyond our control because it is caused by the situation which is beyond us, some by people who are beyond us.

In the journey of life, the take-off, the landing, and the turbulence are not in our control. What is in our control, is the “CHOICE” we can make, and we can make the right choice by spiritual responsibility or by learning and observing spirituality. (Joshua 1vs8). When we learn to make the right choice that is when we can live a transformed, happy and fulfilled life, in spite of all turbulence and problems that might be going on around us. Only those that choose rightly live rightly.

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Let us all take to spiritual wisdom and learn to make the right choice which is within our control, as our gift to God and live our life thoroughly and perfect. Make the right choice with your life which is within your reach. Do something yourself, it is your life. Take charge and control of it, don’t live it recklessly. Make the right choice, don’t listen to their game and don’t play their game, rather seek for spiritual wisdom to choose rightly.

No moment of your life worth wasting, because wasted time and moment cannot be regained. And remember, if life is measured in terms of time, time wasted is life abuse. So, carefully use your time wisely with the choice you make out of it. A life lived cannot be relived. Therefore choose wisely and rightly not to be wasted in the journey of life. In the journey of life, many die as a wanderer, some die as a sojourner and only a few realize their true source and fulfill destiny by the choice they make.

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It only takes spiritual responsibility to make the right choice. When you are a kid, you don’t have the chance to choose some things in your life. You don’t have the say over your life, you don’t choose your teacher, you don’t choose the school to go. Now that you are matured, I believed, you should be able to take charge of your life. The choice is yours, whether to be ruled by some people or to rule your world yourself.

Stop being lazy of taking responsibility for yourself. It’s your life take charge and be responsible for the decisions you make. Stop finding excuses, stop justifying your action with some facts. Just take charge of your life and know that anything that comes your way will only be bear by you.

Making the right choice is not by coincidence neither is it by luck. It is through, thorough searching, dissecting, integrating, proper consideration, observations, spiritual wisdom, and responsibility.

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Those who live a horrible, regrettable and unfulfilled life is as a result of the choice they had made, either by them or their parents. And those who live a satisfying, abundant, comfortable, peaceful and fulfilled life is as a result of the choice they had made, either by them or their parents. Take charge of your life and make the right choice, so as to live a rightful life.

It is said that when we are beautiful, it is God gift to us and when we live our life beautiful, it is our gift to God. Therefore, being a male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age, and being a gentleman is a matter of choice.


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