New ICAN Syllabus

Let us begin something by introducing ourselves to the new syllabus. The new ICAN syllabus has three levels like the old syllabus.

The three levels are;

  • Foundation
  • Skill
  • Professional

There are five subjects at each level


  • A1: Taxation
  • A2. Business, Management, and Finance
  • A3. Financial Accounting
  • A4. Management Information
  • A5. Business Law

Skill Level

  • B1. Financial Reporting
  • B2. Audit and Assurance
  • B3. Corporate Strategic Management & Ethics
  • B4. Performance Management
  • B5. Public Sector Accounting and Finance

Professional level

  • C1. Corporate Reporting
  • C2. Advanced Audit and Assurance
  • C3. Strategic Financial Management
  • C4. Advanced Taxation
  • C5. Case Study

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The pass mark for each level still remains at 50%.


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The examination structure for the new syllabus has been changed from the one we had in the old syllabus.

The examination structure is as stated below:

Foundation Level

Each paper in Foundation level shall consist of two sections A and B.

Section A:

This section shall comprise twenty (20) compulsory multiple-choice questions which shall cover the entire contents of the syllabus. This section shall make up 20% of the total marks.

Section B:

This section shall comprise six (6) open-ended questions (essay, computational or scenario-based) carrying 20 marks each of which candidates will be required to answer any 4.

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Skills and Professional Levels

Examination at these levels will be in two sections.

Section A:

This section shall consist of a 40-mark compulsory scenario-based question on the core area of the subject.

Section B:

This section shall comprise 5 questions of 20 marks each. However, candidates will be required to attempt any three.

ICAN Examination Duration

Each paper during the examination will have three hours period with an additional 15 minutes for the reading time.  The Case Study exam will be for 4 hours including the reading time.

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