New Nigeria, Nigeria Youths; Our Struggle | By Comr. Rasaq Sodiq Adebayo (RSA)

Folding arms and saying nothing in tough time as this is only the signs of being a coward or incompetent.

As a competent, galant intrigued youth, this is my view. Then, a spade must be called a spade regardless who is involved. The way out must be fished out. Nigerians are really giants, especially, youth ones. We listen. We think faster. We’re accurate. The here and there happenings in the nations have proven that.

Wait. Who said we’re lazy? Buhari joked when he said that. How dare him! All I can see is how old, deaf and blind he is to hear, feel and see our contributions to the nation and outside the country. “How Incompetent Buhari is?!”, am sorry to say this. His usual slow actions aggravated the #EndSARS. In and out, undisputably, Nigeria youths are really giants. Even, the whole world knows this.

Well, these are bound to happen in a situation where the youths leave the OLD JUNKS to take over the affairs!

New Nigeria, Nigeria Youths; Our Struggle | By Comr. Rasaq Sodiq Adebayo (RSA)


APC, a party of the insane. PDP, a party of the miscreants, misfortunes, hullaballoo. Please, what’s the difference?!

I heard and see that PDP folks are yelling and blaming the situation too after they failed us massively for sixteen (16) years as a nation. Well, I see this like an insane calling his other same inflicted illness an insane. “Were n pe were ni were..”, Yoruba will say. Imagine!

We should figure out that these fights aren’t shouldered on APC alone. We shouldn’t forget the poor performance of our previous government under the PDP regimes happened to be the sources of these atrocities. They ruled Nigeria for good 16 years only to fail us.

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The likes of these old junks came in when they were young. They ruled and still ruling Nigeria. Despite that, they yearn to die in power. How greedy this is?! Nigeria YOUTHS is about 70 % of the Nigerian population. How fool we are that we allowed these old junks to be ruling us?! We’re being fooled all this long. Enough is enough. This is the right time for us.

I hope youths are now wise and won’t allow any foolings anymore and henceforth. These are old junks who understand nothing about our agitating problems, and even the modern system of government despite their travelings and exposure to many advanced countries. Baba Buhari smiling when Sanwo-Olu was briefing him on our agitations is a proof. Buhari not feeling deeply concerned about the #lekkilagos massacre is an attestation to that. These old junks only know yesterday’s government of deception, greediness, killing.

Meanwhile, the time has gone, we’re in a new era that demands a modern system of government that knows and ready to solve citizens’ problems in which I believe only the youths can handle.

New Nigeria, Nigeria Youths; Our Struggle | By Comr. Rasaq Sodiq Adebayo (RSA)

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Also, it must be mentioned that our local and state government and has failed us over years gone. Meanwhile, they are the closest to us. Not, the federal. I guess they should all be faced confrontationally and be held responsible for our long time failures regardless of who they are.

What are their impacts so far?! Yet, they carted away with so much every month. That not being enough, they added looting our resources.

They should be dealt with seriously with no sentiments. What about our now discovering COVID palliatives being hoarded?! It’s so glaring that they deliberately starved and starve us. It’s high time!

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The ongoing hoarded palliatives happenings show how much our trusted political leaders loot our resources over the years. It also shows how hungry and angry the nation (citizens) are over time. Meanwhile, the (citizens) only see this time as the time to fight poor governance back. But, wait. Looting back and properties’ destruction isn’t the solution. It’s only mounted our agony. Please, those doing so should stop.

How I wish we can be more UNITED and understand ourselves than this forever?! How I wish we fight this with the same intentions, aims, and objectives which are #endbadgovernance, #ENDSARSNOW, #endpoverty, #endhunger, #endbogusalaries #EndPoliceBrutality?! Then, no politician will stand the chance to loot us anymore. And, they’d never dare fail us anymore.


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