Nigeria Sets For E-voting in 2023: Hadiza and Team Unveil Plans

Nigeria Sets For E-voting in 2023: Hadiza and Team Unveil Plans

Is E-voting the next level process in the electioneering process in Nigeria? Yes, some youths think it is high time Nigeria as a country started the use of E-voting system instead of the manual voting system.

The just concluded election on February 23, 2019, inspired a team led by Hadiza to unveil the plan for the 2023 election. The team believes using an e-voting system should be a ripe system in Nigeria. Hadiza said the Nigerian’s youths have all that it takes to make this dream a reality.

Read the tweets from Hadiza on the e-voting plans for the 2023 election.

“I am willing to build an electronic ballot system for elections in Nigeria for free. Should be ready for a test-run in 2022. Any developers out there willing to form a team with me?

I’m serious about this. Already doing some research. We can do this! whether our leaders adopt technology is another story. But we would do the best we can start where we can and tackle the challenges as they come. Serious-minded people only pls. e-voting in Nigeria 2022.

E-Voting 2023 Nigeria election

Please note, we are going to be doing this for free. No financial compensation whatsoever. 2022 is the target year for completion.

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Right now, it seems impossible, too many oppositions and hurdles. I’m even scared to be running my mouth like this, but if we don’t try, posterity will judge us. We must do what we can for Nigeria

No skill is useless. Writers, journalists, content creators, financial analysts, business analysts, sociologists. Every angle has to be tackled. This is a multi-skilled venture

Everything will be transparent. There is no monetary gain to be made by anyone involved in this project. Every decision and milestone will be made public. All of us will be carried along.

Those who join and have no contributions to make will be removed. We are not playing. If we have only 5 serious people, we will go with 5. Human resource, media, content creators, social media experts/influencers also welcome to join.

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Interested individuals who are willing to work on an e-Voting project for Nigeria for free. Analysts, designers, Researchers, lawyers, politicians, software developers, project managers, critical thinkers e.t.c. All hands on desk fellow Nigerians. We can do this!

I have created a slack channel for interested individuals. Please see invite link below. Unserious people who join will be removed. Thank you!”

Join us on Slack via this link JOIN HERE

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