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Nigerian Technology Market: Nigeria’s Biggest Independent Tech Project

Analysing Nigerian Technology Market as Nigeria’s Biggest Independent Technology Project

Recently some young Nigerians came up with the first of its kind initiative.

They successfully pulled off the first of its kind wholly Nigerian Technology and Information Technology E-institute, a Job bank, an E-market and also a top-notch Technology blog.

Looking at the needs of Nigeria as a Country, one may be left with no other option than to applaud the initiative that allows millions access training for Technology and Information Technology skills training at no cost coming. At a time when the world is moving towards the path of development in the Technology and Information Technology field.

When I visited the E-institute, I was marvelled at how easy the innovators made it for anyone to learn. Going further, I was gladdened that this is happening at a time like this.

The efforts of the Nigerian Government In the communications technology can be said to be enough reasons why these young men could pull off the project accessible via

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Another fascinating feature is the job bank dedicated to making technology and Information Technology professionals enjoy maximum benefits for the Technology and Information Technology skills. At a time when the need for employment increase has been on the rise. It is only appropriate that this kind of effort receive widespread support and accolades.

With this, many youths who have technology and Information Technology skills can meet their own potential customers, display their innovation and do that with ease and without worry.

For a portal that houses a sales point for Technology and Information Technology Gadgets, one cannot but wonder how the innovators were able to work together all these ideas especially at this crucial time.

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In my years of studying about Technology and Information Technology, I have not seen a project so well informed to the societal needs. At a time when the need to report about Technology and Information, Technology has become very important for reorientation. The Technology market houses a topnotch technology and Information technology blog which affirms the fact this project understands the need for a society inclined to meet world standards.

In recent years, I have seen many ideas but this stands out enough for any country to celebrate and this is my own way of celebrating this unique idea.

I hope the various state government’s, federal government, agencies and even non-governmental organizations will promote this idea and tap into it for societal advancement and also goals.

Faith Okerinmodun

Writes From Ibadan, Oyo State.

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