What Exactly Do We Learn In Nigerian Universities? – Toogun Niyi


What Exactly Do We Learn In Nigerian Universities? – Ogbeni Toogun Skrtel Niyi

Formal Education is essential. It is fast moving from an option to the necessity. Unfortunately, Nigerian universities and other higher institution of learning have no place on the global ranking. Even on the continent ranking, our places doesn’t commensurate with the giant of Africa Nigeria is regarded as. Something must be wrong somewhere!

But in stark disagreement, I was at a program recently where Prof. Peter Okebukola, former Vice-Chancellor, UNIOSUN distorted the yearly rating. He labelled the annual rating as a rating with no iota of credibility, he said he has been to many universities in Africa, and he couldn’t ascertain how they are better than Nigerian universities as postulated in the yearly rating. Fine.

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Fine, Professor Peter is an authority. I am not, therefore, do not have what it takes to disagree with his opinion as regards the efficiency and efficacy of our universities. But at least, we are knowledgeable, we can ask questions.

Why are Nigeria universities not practising what they impact into their students? If you award degree in let us say Civil Engineering, you are invariably saying you are a Custodian in the field of all Civil Engineering related matters, then why do you have to award the contract of erecting a building in the school to outsiders again? Why not let your Professors, Doctors who have been certified to have mastered the act come together, table ideas, formulate building designs, hire manpower to help in the construction (that is if students cannot be used) and supervise the construction?

In this kind of situation, the student will have the opportunity of seeing the practical aspect of their discipline without having to move far; Institutions will save money that can be diverted to other projects, the lecturer will learn even more and become a better expert.

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An average Mechanical Engineering student in Nigeria universities cannot unplug a generator plug. Also, I am of the opinion that they should be able to repair cars. An average Electrical Electronic Engineering Student in Nigeria universities students cannot change his room bulb. Also, I am of the opinion that a graduate in that field should be able to do electrification of a full house. Is the best we can have is knowing the Newton laws of motion and be awarded BSc? In Physics with Electronic?

So, what exactly do we learn in Nigerian universities?


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