NNU Income Program (NIP), Is It A Scam or Legit? Learn More Here

NIP means the NNU Income Program, an initiative linked to the New Nigeria update, nnu.ng. NIP is a program with the mission of solving financial problems in Nigeria, youth, students, middle class and anyone who wants to have the opportunity to earn legitimately and take advantage of the internet because it is a channel for the subscriber who receives passive income monthly.

N.I.P has two earnings options

NARS: NNU sharing ad revenue with NARS participant gets residual income by logging into your NNU account every day, reading messages, comments, forums, and publishing topics even shares assigned sponsored post on social media.

NAP: Affiliate Program NNU With NAP, you are automatically logged in after your account has been approved after registration. As a partner, you get a huge commission of 62.5% for the link to everyone who registers on NNU via your link.

Who can participate and why you should become a member of NIP?

Everyone who has daily expenses can join NI.P. It is equal opportunities for students, graduates, job seekers, bloggers, women at home or for those who want to make money online. Make use of your friends from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, phone contacts and stop wasting precious time online.

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How Can You Earn And How Much Can You Earn On N.I.P?

As a participant, you have five options to earn more money each month into your bank account with the NNU income program.

Five ways to make money with the NNU Reception Program (NIP)

  • Referral link
  • Daily Login
  • Read and comment on Posts
  • Publishing Posts on Forum
  • Share sponsored contributions on social media
  1. NAP: as a partner you earn 62.5% for each referral. When you introduce someone to join via your link, you earn a sum of N1,000 Naira.
  2. Active daily log: When logging into your account daily you earn a sum of N50 for just logging in into your account.
  3. Reading and Commenting on posts: Despite earning a sum of N50 after a login. You can as well earn by reading each post and also earn for commenting. You earn N2 for either reading or comment on a post.
  4. Publishing Posts on Forum: You get N100 for publishing relevant, exciting and well-structured forum post, which is approved on the website.
  5. Sharing sponsored posts on Facebook and Twitter: You get paid a sum of N100 for sharing on your Twitter account or Facebook account. You get daily N100 Naira assigned to a post shared by recommendations.

Are The Earning Real on NNU Programme?

Yes, an active participant earns by visiting the site every day. Also, by logging in to read posts, comments and even shares assigned sponsored posts on social media.

What is the minimum payment?

The minimum payout is N5,000 naira. In most cases, the first paid partners/beneficiaries are the top earners, that is, the highest income until they finally exhausted the available monthly income. If you haven’t also yet paid if your N5,000 threshold, does not mean that you will not be paid. You only need to earn more and retain part of your income in the following month.

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Will NNU Be Paying Directly Into my Bank Account Real?

Make sure you enter your bank account information in your profile and start earning until you reach the threshold.

How to register and get started?

To become a member of the NNU community, you must purchase the NNU Income Program Pack. The pack is just an amount of N1, 600 Naira (one-time payment). Your application will only be approved if you have successfully bought and paid for this package. So, make sure you have the N1.600 Naira ready before proceeding with the registration.

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