School in Offa is a Threat; Osun Could be the Next Target – Lasun Yusuff

The Deputy Speaker of the Nigeria House of Representatives, Rt Hon Sulaimon Lasun Yusuff said the attacks could be described as the way Boko Haram started, warning that the situation may degenerate if care is not taken.

While speaking during the sitting of the house, Hon. Lasun Yusuff said that what happened cannot be separated from cultism. He added that this is how Boko Haram started. He concluded by saying that there aren’t enough police personnel to ensure adequate security.

Lasun Yusuff said;” I want to commiserate with the Olofa of Offa and the entire people of Offa. The Offa killing is really a disaster. Such incident should be condemned in its totality. However, we learned that from the footage of the scenario, the people that carried out the act ages range between 20-35.”

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The Deputy speaker also said the presence of tertiary institutions within the city is a threat. The honorable, however, said it is pertinent to ensure adequate security because the nearest states to Kwara State could be the next victim.

Lasun Yusuff also said; “Schools these are located within the city which is not good. In those days, tertiary institutions are located far places, not within the town. Imagine, it is Offa today who knows the next destination? You know Osun State is closed to Kwara State, my state could be the next target.”

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The Deputy Speaker lamented on the desperation for quick rich by students and youth. He said Youths have taken the Internet fraudulent act known Yahoo Yahoo as the order of the day.

“Many youths today want to make riches quickly these days. You can only responsible at the age of 40. Many of the students are into Yahoo Yahoo. You will even Yahoo+, the plus is there is using black magic. Youths need to wait for their time.” Lasun Yusuff said.

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