Do You Want Rise Above Being Average? Be Offensive

Never try to defend your present position and situation, choose to be on the offensive side not defensive. People who live a defensive life never rise above being average. lukewarm, indecisive people are never secure, regardless of their wealth, education and position.

When you choose to be offensive the atmosphere of your life will begin to change. So if you don’t like the atmosphere of your life choose to take the offensive position. Being offensive is not just an action taken outside a person, it is also a decision made within, it requires an effective responsibility.

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Consider why Jesus being called lion of the tribe of Judah, it’s through his offensive position the name came by until you are offensive the wickedness of the wicked will never come to an end. No wonder the Bible says the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violence taketh it by force. It takes the responsibility of offensive to go far in life, when you choose to be offensive, keep all your conflicts impersonal.

Fight the issue, not the person. Speak about what God in you can do, not what others are incapable of doing. Being on the offensive are master keys that open the doors of opportunities in life. By pulling back and being defensive, you usually enhance the problem. Intimidation always precedes defeat.

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Be like the two fishermen who got trapped in a storm in the middle of the lake, one turned to the other and asked, should we pray or should we row? His wise companion replied, let do both! That is offensive through the platform of responsibility. Any suffering or situations that are beyond a while is not from God, take effective responsibility by being on the offensive position. Nothing moves until there is an adequate force.

Be a fighter if people come after you. When people know you fight back, it makes them think twice before messing with you.



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