OKAY YOU, BYE | By Akinola Opeyemi Marian

Your memory is a glitch in what could have been a perfect past

An attestation of a phase

So grave it still haunts my dreams,

Taunts my every waking moment.


 I’m up all night substituting words for this feeling;


 You were  compensation for a lot of things missing in my world


A constant in a floppy world I wanted to escape.


A cocktail of pain and desire.


You were a drug and I couldn’t get enough

A mirage,

 A dream so vivid I got lost in reality

Wandering in our maze alone

Hoping but knowing you are not waiting for me at the end.


Here’s me hoping you feel just a third of what I felt

But the silly relentless part of me prays you’re spared that kind of pain.

I’m getting dizzy playing this game of hiding and seek alone

So, cheers to you for being my muse.

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Written By:

Akionla Marian Introvert

Akinola Marian, a 400 level Law student of Obafemi Awolowo University. She is an enthusiastic writer and reader of different genres. She enjoys staying indoors, watching movies, baking and researching during her leisure.

Facebook: Akinola Marian Opeyemi

Instagram: @marianakinola

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