DAY 20: Change The Old Mentality; Don’t Except External Authentication

“Never except any authentication from anybody, show the world what you’ve got and you will be recognized.” – Saminu Abass Ola

A milestone of the series has been attained. It is already 2/3 of the 30-day challenge already. You have been a blessing to follow this series right from the day 1.

I have rounded off the online business sites before I move to the last aspect of the series let me tell you something important.

No doubt some people have a phobia to deal online. They are afraid to lose while transacting online, therefore, they feel the online making money is not meant for them.

Dear readers, it is not a problem to have such phobia because of the bad things you have seen or heard about the internet fraud. The only problem is to stay idle and expect authentication from someone.

You have no interest in making money online. You care less about making a dollar. All that you want is receiving an alert of First Bank, UBA, Zenith, GTB, Access etc. Yes, it is possible.

One of the essential things in business is knowing your target customers. If you believe you can’t make it on the sites mentioned you shouldn’t be afraid to make it into your domestic bank account.

If you have skills you can sell, maximize the social media and reach your potential customers. You might be into the making of beads, cakes, clothing materials etc don’t just fold your hands. Work on the visibility of your products on social media.

Your business is your brand. Package and value it. Don’t just use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to share your pictures, use it to create awareness for your products.

If you are a writer, an artist, or anything you think you are good at, use the social platform effectively to sell yourself. Even, if you are into beans cake or foodstuff, groundnut, packaged products etc, social media visibility is the key.

Differentiate yourself and your brand. Get a well-designed logo and a cover page for your social media accounts. If it requires spending to gain the visibility to break into the market, don’t hesitate to spend. Even barbers, motor repairers, market women need social media presence let alone you with a nice business idea.

There are some people who are still doubting whether to start the business idea in their mind. Let me tell you this, nobody is coming to validate or authenticate your idea. Until you show the world what you can do then you will be recognized. That is, you are the only person to authenticate yourself.

Don’t waste your talents, don’t misuse the skills you have got, maximize them to the fullest. Having the thinking of I will start it next month, we are all victims of such. Procrastination kills the idea before the time arrives.

Start today, it might not be smooth and perfect. Slowly and steadily you will be moving. It might fail at the start, nothing is a waste, you learn from a failure. Learn from your mistakes and rewrite the story. Persistence and determination will make you succeed.

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Distractions and discouragements might come from friends, family members or neighbours, just keep calm it is part of the challenges you need to overcome.

At a start, it might be rough and tough, keep pressing forward and definitely, you will reach there. You need to endure and definitely, you will enjoy in the long run.

To be continued …


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