DAY 21: Change The Old Mentality; Business is Neither Easy Nor Difficult

DAY 21: Change The Old Mentality; Business Complexity is Neither Easy Nor Difficult

“No form of business is either easy or difficult, you determine the complexity.” – Saminu Abass Ola

It has now become a countdown to the end of this series. Someone who happened to be a new reader of the series for the last 4 days said, oga don’t tell me you are ending this series anytime soon. The history book of this series is written already to be 30 days.

The caption or quote above is derived from a reaction of a reader when we were discussing businesses. He said this business is too difficult to do. I told him straight away, no business is either easy or difficult you determine the complexity.

The way you treat yourself that’s how you will be treated. The way you treat a business you surely get the result of the way you do it. One thing is, change the mindset of ‘I want to do business today and make money by next week’.

DAY 4: Change The Old Mentality; Healthy Lifestyle vs Wealthy Lifestyle

Before you invest in any business. Please, do your research and feasibility study very well. The study will reveal many things you might not even know is attached to the business. The opportunities and threats of any business environment should also be understood. Know the type of risks you are taking.

One thing is certain in a business, you must take a risk. A man who takes the risks enjoys the rewards. A man who is afraid to take risks should be expecting no returns or rewards. Risk takers are the reward receivers.

According to finance experts, they would say the higher your risks the higher the rewards/returns. My dear readers, it is good to take risks but not at the expense of greed. If greed pushes you to risks above the limit, you might regret such action. In short, not all risks are worthy to be taken.

When I was an undergraduate, one of the topics I enjoyed most during Finance Classes is risks. We were told there are two types risks. The one you shouldn’t take is the unsystematic risks. It is not worthy to be taken, nobody compensates you for taking unsystematic risks because it is avoidable. That is, whatever risk you see it is avoidable never try it.

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In short, dare to start something today. Kill the stubborn demons inside you by taking a step today. Don’t try to please anybody. Focus on the roadmap to success. You could be called any name for taking a different path, definitely, if successful you will be praised.

Don’t stay too much in that comfort zone. It is dangerous to stay in that zone. Get out of that place and seek your way to success. Take the risks that would return the rewards you deserve.

To be Continued…



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