DAY 16: Change The Old Mentality; Maximize Your Monthly Data Bundle

DAY 16: Change The Old Mentality; Maximize Your Monthly Data Bundle

Change The Old Mentality; Maximize Your Monthly Data Bundle

“No path is easier you need the manual to walk freely on it.”

“Eagerness to achieve a goal should be properly controlled to attain the height set.”Saminu Abass Ola

Firstly, I want to use this medium to felicitate all Muslims around the world especially my readers as we witness the holy month of Ramadan 2018. Maximize the period to move closer to your creator, show love to your family, friends, neighbours and other religious faiths.

Where should I start? A question I ask every moment I want to write the next piece. However, the contemplation is at the peak today as for where to start. It is not that I don’t know what to write but the reactions I got from yesterday’s article was astonished.

I listed 2 sites yesterday where you could monetize your skills or talents. I got massive reactions. Also, I could not engage some readers in which they felt ignored.

However, I want to appreciate all the readers for the supports showing since the inception of the series. Until yesterday I never knew I have some ghost readers. Let me apologize if I couldn’t answer anyone yesterday or feel unsatisfied with my response.

I stated it clear yesterday that there are rules to all games. I stressed this because I know Nigerians especially youths when they see an opportunity they could misuse it. Even to do rituals money you will be given some rules to follow.

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Many people after the seeing the two sites yesterday rushed to register and got stuck. You can’t walk freely on any path, you need the manual guides.

I highlighted some key lines after releasing the sites. I said, Google the sites, check the skills and see what you can do, get tutorial courses be it PDF or videos to guide you. Also, I realized all those who messaged me yesterday didn’t follow these stated rules, they registered and expected money to fall from nowhere.

Frankly speaking, you might even need to spend to get the PDF or video courses on how to successfully make it on those sites. You might be lucky to see someone that would guide you. I have seen this type of courses taking for N5,000 or N10,000. That’s why I said it is for the lazy type. You spend your time, efforts, resources and enjoy the rewards.

Don’t be a ‘Thomas Doubting’ already because you read it involves payment. This is where you should know how to maximize the web. Maximize the social media especially Facebook and Whatsapp. There are many groups you can join to learn for free the way out to make money on those sites.

Finally, this is a series to open your eye, give an insight and let you change the old mentality. It is not a course to teach the full tutorial on how to make money. Don’t be offended. I will try my best to assist but bear in mind that you need to do the research yourself.

Instead of wasting your time on funny or entertainment groups that add no values to your life, search freelancer or Upwork Nigeria groups on Facebook, Graphics Designers in Nigeria. etc.

Your data bundle shouldn’t be wasted on Jokes group. The data bundle should be converted to knowledge or skills acquired online.

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Dr. Dipo Awojide once said, “get a side hustle while still searching for a job. The side hustling might take you higher than what he expected.”

Don’t waste your time on unproductive groups or social platform. The last phase of this series will discuss how to effectively use Social Media.

The other sites where you can earn will be discussed tomorrow.

To be continued…




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