DAY 10: Change The Old Mentality; How To Discover Your Talents

“We are all gifted, God has given you that natural thing call talents, discover it.” – Saminu Abass Ola

I am a bit weak thinking there won’t be any piece for today. Quickly I realized today marks the double-figure digit for the series. It means the challenge of 30 days has reached its one-third already. Therefore, I need to double up and say no to missing a day.

After discussing the decaying system of the educational sector, I urged our youths to discover themselves. Funny reactions welcomed the DAY 9 write-up. Some people said they have no talents, some even said they don’t believe God has given them something natural or anything they could see as supernatural in them.

I will define talent as what you can do naturally. Let me put it this way, something people could see as a hard thing and you easily do without stress. Talent is that ability you are born with. However, you should know that talent without hardworking is a waste. Despite being talented you still have to work very hard if you want to be a specialist.

No much words tonight, I will list some things I could see as talents. Study the lists, identify the ones you can easily do without stress. Talent as a natural endowment may be easier to discover, however, some people can’t still discover themselves.

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The simplest ways to identify and discover your talents.

1- Ask people around or listen to what people around you say you are good at.

2- Think of what people struggle to do but you can do it easily.

3- Think about what you enjoy most when doing it. Think of what you spend your leisure at.

4- Just people that can give a true assessment of you.

5- And what you can call your passion.

With the steps above you can discover a bit about yourself. Let me lists some examples maybe after reading you can have a rethink that this is what you love most.

– Public Speaking
– Writing
– Art/Drawing
– Woodworking
– Jokes / Humor
– Calculating
– Drumming
– Dancing
– Singing

With these examples, I believe you can asses yourself or take the 5 steps listed above to discover something about yourself.

When you know what your talents are you have fewer worries about life. No doubt, you feel more in tune with your life.

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Note this, you can use your talents to excel in life without relying on the government or anybody. Your talent can also help your career path.

Though not every talent has to be the backdoor for your career, however, they can contribute immensely to your life.

Your talents can earn you a comfortable life and help you to live a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

To be continued…


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