DAY 23: Change The Old Mentality; A Hardworking Man > Talented Man

“A hardworking man will outclass a talented man if he fails to work hard. Yes, Hardworking wins”

“Your willingness to strive is a key that can guarantee success.” – Saminu Abass Ola

Nothing comes easier you need to work hard and smartly. Never rely on anybody to say you can do it before you stand on your toes. You are created for a purpose, make that dream a reality.

Today marks the concluding chapter of what we have been discussing for days. I realize sometimes being talented makes you lazy. You feel at the top of the world. You see things easier when some people are struggling to do such things.

A few hours ago, I listened to a motivational audio tagged “Hard work Beats Talent”, I culled something from it to write on tonight. Never let that talent deceives you. Your talent can be a blessing and also be a curse.

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Talent doesn’t guarantee anything in this world. A good education as well doesn’t guarantee you success in life. Mind you, the world is full of talented people that utilized their natural endowments. It is crystal clear that we have secondary school drop-outs that have made it and even outperformed those with Bsc, Masters, and Ph.D. etc.

Talents will not get you any success if you don’t work hard. The hardworking man who has a hunger for success will always reach the top before the talented man.

In the end, your hunger for success will win. In the long run, your hard work will help you to succeed. The courage and dedication put in will make you outclass the talented man.

Talents can be a blessing and can also be a curse. If you work towards your talents it could be a blessing. However, if you think you don’t need to work hard because you are talented, your talents could turn to be a curse.

The hardworking man works diligently to fight for his life, fight for his family, fight for legacy and as well fight for everything.

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You need to believe in yourself. Don’t stop, don’t rest, find a way and if there is no way, make your own path. They might see you with a different eye, just keep focusing on the success path you are. You will eventually be praised and hailed.

Let your talent be a blessing. Let your skill be an added value to your life and the society. If a talented man sees himself as a superman he could fail in life.

The hardworking man would strive to make it in life and at the end would have his name printed in a golden form.

To Be Continued…


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