DAY 3: Change The Old Mentality; How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

DAY 3: Change The Old Mentality; How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

According to Einstein’s saying, “Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that’s counted truly counts.”

I am taking lifestyle as the first subject to treat from the highlighted points of Day 2. Your lifestyle defines you. The best lifestyle you can live is the healthy lifestyle.


To cut it short, a healthy lifestyle can be defined as follow;

– Healthy Food
– Drink More Water
– Exercise
– Get Enough Sleep
– Avoid Smoking and Alcohol intake
– Good Hygiene And many more

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No doubt to live a healthy lifestyle you need to be financially free. Financial freedom is the key to live a satisfactory and healthy lifestyle.

Financial freedom doesn’t mean you are a millionaire. You shouldn’t be a billionaire to enjoy a financial freedom.

Many friends or neighbours will intimidate you with their wealth. They will spend extravagantly at an outing. One thing about me, I’m not intimidated by anyone’s affluence. Why should I put myself under unnecessary pressure?

Dear readers, there is time for everything. Don’t let anybody rush you with their timelines. Never feel the pressure from someone else’s lifestyle. You may be looking at some of your friends and think they are ahead of you, likewise, some friends are feeling they are behind you as well.

Never feel intimidated, everybody has their own time and clock that works for their bearing in life. Be patient, your time will come.

You might not be a millionaire but you can live a balanced, satisfactory and healthy lifestyle. Did you say how? Yes, you can.

Don’t spend like a rich. Don’t try to impress anybody and don’t compare yourself with anybody. Also, don’t spend money without a budget. For every enjoyment, you must have a source of finance for it. You must have a business that can finance your expense.

In short, don’t live above your lifestyle. Get a business that finances your expenditure. Invest more and make savings for future occurrence.

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Ask yourself the simple question. How much did you spend last month?

Ask yourself in your heart and make sure you give it an answer.

Have a budget for your spending. When you don’t overspend or have a deficit budget, then, you can save more and invest more.

With this, you can eat healthy foods, sleep well, have a good hygiene and enjoy exercise.

What else is better to enjoy a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Your lifestyle defines you.


Photo Credit: Certified O Lakwize of Omoluabi Graphics