DAY 7: Change The Old Mentality; Immorality Has Turned to a Norm

“Immorality has turned to a norm.”

“Smoking is an understatement, they sniff, they drink, they inject, they inhale and bath in hard drugs.”

It is better to be late than to be late. Today’s busy schedule and total blackout shouldn’t be an excuse not to release any piece.

Firstly, I want to appreciate all the readers and followers of my series. I never knew people are following the series until yesterday.

Yesterday’s write-up caught the attention of many readers especially the ladies. To my surprise, it went viral on some groups which I belong but didn’t share myself.

No doubt, the content was full of errors. The level of significance of the article as the word of statistics is above 5%. I released the article to beat the time. I rushed to release the article in order not to miss a single day.

Thanks to you all, you read the messages in the contents, not the grammatical structure. You looked at the senses not the alphabets of the article. I am really grateful.

Back to the business of the day, we discussed our slay queens yesterday. Today, no need of a long epistle.

I only pray our slaying queens heed to the advice. It is better to learn on time than getting it as a lesson in the future. As a brother said, slaying is not the way.

However, from the reactions I got yesterday I realised some of these ladies are ignorant. They stumble into the act in the name of civilization and finally turn into a dumping element. Indecency, Immorality and Ignorance have taken its toll among our female folks.

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Some of them are with the old mentality of men are held responsible for everything in the marriage. They don’t want to work or stress themselves, all they want is bring the money home and let’s spend.

Ladies want men that would bully others. They want men that would oppress others with wealth, cars, status, or anything ‘oppressible’.

That’s why you would see a thug or a bandit in your environment with the most beautiful girl in your area. Thugs are married or dated by ladies to oppress others or protect them.

A lady with a vision or future won’t dwell into such path. Channel your way of life. Have a laid down plan for yourself. You might be bothered if you have no life that needs a better plan.

These same female folks are seen around the Yahoo guys. All that they want is money and money.

Don’t be surprised, Yahoo to everyone now it’s normal, it’s what the young ones boldly say, everyone. Someone even said these oyinbos have taken their forefathers as slaves, therefore, it is never a sin to defraud them.

When such words come from any youth you should know the orientation he has gotten. The entertainment industry has also contributed negatively to this syndrome. Some music or video doesn’t deserve to be released. Well, we are all into money.

Youths want to lead but don’t want to read. Youths want sweetness but don’t want to sweat. Moreover, youths want to enjoy but don’t want to endure.

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Smoking all sorts of hard drugs has not benefited your health. It shortens your lifespan. Never give an excuse that hard drugs serve as an inspiration to perform any task. Find alternatives forms of inspiration.

You are in charge of yourself. Also, you are the architect of your life. You are the designer of your path. Choose the way you want to live it.

What legacy do you want to leave behind for the coming generation? Immorality is not the way.


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