DAY 26: Chane The Old Mentality; How To Use Instagram Effectively

How To Use Instagram Effectively

“Define what type of popularity you want on social media, not all popular individuals are worthy to be praised.” – Saminu Abass Ola

Yesterday, I discussed the world of Facebook and how some Nigerians use it. I would have loved to expatiate as a result of questions but time won’t permit. I have promised not to exceed this series more than 30 days. Therefore, I am sorry if I have disappointed you.

Today, I will talk about the power of image sharing social media. Instagram is the topic of the day. If you are observant enough you will know Mark is still the one controlling the world of Instagram as well.

Instagram needs no definition because we all know it. In simple form, Instagram is a channel to upload pictures or short videos. Instagram allows you to get followers be it your friends, family members or other persons.

As said yesterday, every social media platform has its uniqueness. Instagram is unique and different from Facebook. Instagram doesn’t allow sharing of contents like Facebook. You can only write a short note on every picture or video you share.

Now, what’s the essence of sharing your images on Instagram? What do you intend to gain? What positive impact it would have on your life or career? Ask yourself those questions.

It is simple, sharing your pictures with friends or family members is good. They are updated of every event you go. You can as well share a short video of any event.

Do you know Cristiano Ronaldo is being paid thousands of dollars for sharing pictures on Instagram? Therefore, it shows you are under-utilizing the platform. You can as well make money from Instagram if used appropriately.

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It is believed that people cherish or are attracted to pictures. Sharing adverts in a pictorial form will get more engagements than a content advert. Therefore, one of the best to use Instagram is sharing your products or brand, not just personal pictures.

How do you build an attractive account on Instagram? Firstly, distinguish a brand or business account from a personal account. Get a cover page from a graphics designer and a logo. Grow your audience.

There are two different ways of growing audience or followers on Instagram. The manual and using tricks or software. Dear readers, the best one is to get your followers manually in order to get more engagements.

Getting followers is not the problem but retaining your followers is the key. To retain or have permanent followers you need to keep updating your account every day with the new pictorial post. Also, learn about the power of hashtag on every Instagram posts.

In addition, if you can build a personal account not meant for sharing your pictures only to get thousands or millions of followers, such account can be used to make money. There are many brands or people who need to reach many people via a shoutout or any form of advertisement.

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In short, Instagram is a marketing platform to boost your sales and make your brand known worldwide, though, depending on your target audience. There are people making millions of naira/dollars on Instagram. All the comedy videos you watch are fetching money for them if you don’t know. To know more, head to Udemy search for Instagram Mastery and get exposure to the real world.

Finally, not all pictures are meant to be shared on Instagram. Don’t just share because people are sharing. Yes, you can popular on the note but define what your popularity should be linked to.

Maximize the platform to promote your brand or business. It is the world to meet potential clients that could turn to your permanent customers.

To be continued…


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